Dudley Done Wrong or Dudley Done Right? We need to work to get it right and we need to lend a show of support to the SEG Falcon kids

Dudley Done Wrong or Dudley Done Right?

It has been a long and rough week for Dudley football and there is a black cloud hanging over the James B. Dudley High School campus on Lincoln Street…

No matter if you feel like Dudley was Done Wrong or Dudley was Done Right, we need to try and do what we can to help get it right and fix what was broken and in this case that was the rules and they need to be properly conducted in the future, but there was something else that was broken this week and that was the hearts of those Dudley football kids…

The kids hearts are healing and the Northern Guilford Nighthawks have stepped up and the Nighthawks’ football team will show support for the Dudley Panthers by wearing yellow stickers on their helmets Friday night during their game with Northwood….

CLICK HERE to see more on the Northern Guilford support…..

There is a broken spirit surrounding the Dudley Community this week and let’s hope they will pull back together and battle as a family in future weeks to ensure that they are ready to push forward and put this rough chapter in their football history behind and that they are ready to move forward and find a way to begin playing with the “Panther Pride” again…..

I have seen these guys when they are on top of the world and I have seen them way down before, and they carry on better when they have their teams in proper working order…

To get things right they will have to get that rule book laminated and study it from cover to cover and adhere to the standards that the NCHSAA dictates and there can be no rest periods when it comes to following the guidelines that the NCHSAA has set up….

There will be some tough times until all is well on Lincoln Street again, but if the Panthers can’t find a way to play right down the line, the lines will remain skewed…Got to get all correct and there can be no days off in the boiler room and that is where the work will have to start…

Back down in the basement, where you have to start over and work your way back up to the top….

Along the way with looking to see Dudley get things in order, we have to make it a tall order for some and a direct order for others and make sure we support the Southeast Guilford kids in their playoff efforts….

The Southeast Guilford kids have done nothing wrong and they should not be trashed or thrown out with the bath water…Those SEG kids have played hard all season long and this is no time to start pulling against them just because they gained the conference championship after the Dudley forfeit from last Friday night’s game at Dudley…

The SEG kids are just like the Dudley kids in the way that the SEG players did not do anything to hurt Dudley in the boardroom…On both sides the paperwork and the oversights came from adults and you just don’t need to be trashing the kids or either teams’ programs for that matter….

We need to stand tall and make sure SEG gets our full support in Friday’s game with High Point Central, unless you are a HP Central Bison fan and if that is the case, you need to support your HPC Bison and stick tight with the Bison on the road in the playoffs….

Southeast Guilford did not break any rules and the kids could use your support come Friday night…..

No need to be trash talking SEG or pulling for them to lose their game…

The way this week has gone everyone is beginning to play with a chip on their shoulder during a time when we need to be pulling together for the sake of the Guilford County High School Football Teams…..

Here are our games for this Friday night:

Providence(8-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-3)
Page(3-8) at Ardrey Kell(8-3)
High Point Central(8-3) at Southeast Guilford(9-2)
Eastern Guilford(7-4) at Terry Sanford(8-3)
Northwood(9-2) at Northern Guilford(10-1)
C.B. Aycock(4-7) at Southern Guilford(11-0)
High Point Andrews(5-5) at Monroe(7-4)


  1. Northern Guilford, Shelby Crest, Ardrey Kell {Charlotte}, East Mecklenburg, West Charlotte, Charlotte Independence at one time or another had to forfeit games in their history, now Gboro Dudley is on that list. I’m sure there has been others in this state as well. The other schools bounce back & James B. Dudley will too. Did Coach Davis break the rules written down by the NCHSAA….YES HE DID, along with the Athletic Director for not double checking or signing off. However, I truly believe that Coach Davis want the best for his players. How so ? He has been a father figure, along with his staff to those players {most who come from single parent homes & negativity all around them in their neighborhoods} He kept them focus on two common causes. 1.) Teamwork & Family{Football Family/Brotherhood} 2.} Focus {Classwork, kept them Busy & Goals- To be a strong top football team & A dream to work hard with a chance to go to college and think outside your box {neighborhood}. I heard several times from Coach Davis, Dudley’s Principal & Athletic Director…..they let the kids down. I believe the prayers, their parents and the community will forgive them and it will make them stronger and wiser for the better in the future. I also heard the Guilford County Athletic Director say he will work/help with Dudley to fix the problems there to get them back on track. As for Northern Guilford, I’m moved by the team & coaches gesture to Dudley in support…..That is a very CLASSY ACT by Them, I hope the Local News & Papers Highlight that Gesture…..CLASSY !!!

  2. One of my favorite quotes is “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.” The adults at Dudley should have shut up and ntaken responsibility for their “mistake”. But their arrogance prompted then to fight to keep playing and as a result we find out they had been doing it all year and knew what they were doing. Fools. Now they get to forfeit more games and we know their coach and AD are either incompetent or liars. The principal says the players didn’t do anything wrong but they knew they were playing in two games a week. Even kids know that is against the rules. And maybe the worst news of all is the fools at Northern are going to wear yellow on their helmets in support of Dudley. One school that doesn’t understand rules supporting another. Really really foolish. Keep your mouths shut. You don’t have to prove anything else. You have done enough.

  3. Working to get it right shouldn’t be too hard. The coaches and administrators, at all the schools in all the sports, need to read, understand and follow the participation rules. They’re pretty clear.

  4. Fools Paradise, we all understand the circumstances that indeed took place and the consequences there of, but to save the world, who can you call a fool, because another team wants to rally around another team due to some very unfortunate circumstances. It appears the shoes fit, for you to stoop so low to even make a statement like this, we understand you were a wannabe team manager. Go and fill up some waters bottles or something.I suppose of course you were never a kid at some time another, you too can point fingers. Children as well as adults make mistakes, I’m sure you’ve come short yourself. The children have suffered enough as it is, let’s try to improve the situation. Again you probably have no connection with Guilford county schools nor its sports programs, you are the true fool in the matter.

  5. Dudley could have reported Friday night and been OK and possibly not found out. I will never believe that they did not know or that all players were innocent pawns—everyone knows 2 games a week is WRONG!!! That includes coaches, ADs, principals, parents, and players.

    Anyone blaming SEG is way wrong.

  6. Can we please let it go! We get it Dudley messed up and broke the rules. We get it Dudley messed up and forfeited the game. We get it Dudley messed up and is out of the playoffs. If I’m not mistaken there are more teams in the playoffs in Guilford County than just Dudley. Can we please shift the focus onto those teams? At this point it’s becoming redundant. Why would you care that Northern is supporting another Guilford County school? It doesn’t matter who told what or who didn’t tell what. At the end of the day nothing will change.

    MOVE ON!!!!

    My support shifts from Dudley to Northern Guilford and Southern Guilford (only teams with legit chances to make a run for the title). Bring home a championship to Guilford County guys!!

  7. @ Fools Paradise…..For your information, the reason the Head Coach, Principle & AD plus Community fought so hard and kept pushing WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE TAKING ALL THE BLAME !!! Coach Davis, didn’t want the kids to pay for HIS MESS UP !!! The Principle & AD took fault for letting the TEAM, SCHOOL, COMMUNITY & GUILFORD CO.SCHOOLS/ MO GREEN DOWN !!! Did you & the others see or read that ??? Also, the you hear the comments the GUILFORD COUNTY AD SAID ? There were some GRAY AREAS in that NCHSAA RULE BOOK. & He said, ” THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY FOR THIS TO BE HANDLED BETWEEN SCHOOLS & HE IS GOING TO FIX THAT !!!” So please don’t tell the compassionate folks that we are FOOLS for FORGIVING DUDLEY & ADMIRING NORTHERN. Because Northern be there & understands where DUDLEY is at right now. Maybe, the rest of us understands we are not perfect and made tons of mistakes in our lifetimes at Home, Work, School & Road……We had to play for other mistakes, but more than not the people who passed the DISCIPLINE….still had COMPASSIONATE FEELINGS. I got a speeding ticket earlier this year after dropping my son off from work, speeding to get to work on time….After the Officer gave me my ticket, he still looked at me and say, “SIR YOU DRIVE CAREFULLY & HAVE A BLESS DAY.” I know did wrong, but the officer did what he had to do, but he understood. That’s it & like the last post said, “LET’s MOVE ON……GO SOUTHERN, NORTHERN & THE WINNER OF H.P. CENTRAL VS. SOUTHEAST !!!

  8. @Irony

    You understand it’s the kids at NGHS that decided to support Dudley right? Do you really think the kids were at fault last year when they had to forfeit 2 games? It’s a group of kids who went through the same thing as another group of kids offering their support by wearing a sticker, not 2 local crime syndicates making a backroom deal.

  9. Northern guys are supporting the Dudley guys and families. It hurts to have your dreams shattered. A lot of innocent young guys here. Adults need to learn how to lead young kids with integrity. Parents and schools need to demand this in the adults who work with children. NWGHS will have that with Jared Rolfes. The Nighthawk team is a very special team that does a lot of good work in the community. For once, please give the kids a break! High school football is a brotherhood. Let them reach out without your negative comments. As my Momma said, if you can not say anything good, do not say anything at all!

  10. This is a sad situation that less said better for the kids. You adults that are bashing the schools should be ashamed of yourself. There was a mistake made ,but the most affected is the KIDS and bashing the schools that they attend is not right. Please remember God don’t like ugly ,and what goes around comes around. Dudley is a good high school that made a mistake let it go and pray for the kids.

  11. Time to turn our attention toward tonight’s games and let everyone place their energies in that direction….

    Time to move on and to give it a rest…

    Support the kids at all of your schools….

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