Friday Night Scoring Desk – November 14, 2014 – Round One High School Football Playoffs

Update #11 – 10:15 PM – Good Night


Our Game of the Week is C.B. Aycock at Southern Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Catch the replay at GreensboroSportsRadio.

C.B. Aycock – 13
Southern Guilford – 56

Northwest Guilford – 15
Providence – 34

Page – 16
Ardrey Kell – 28

High Point Central – 49
Southeast Guilford – 21

Eastern Guilford – 6
Terry Sanford – 45

Northwood – 26
Northern Guilford – 56

High Point Andrews – 12
Monroe – 38

Lee County – 20
Hillsborough Orange – 21

West Forsyth – 17
Hough – 45

Rocky Mount – 21
Western Alamance – 14

South Brunswick – 18
Eastern Alamance – 49

Providence Grove – 0
Reidsville – 56

Pasquotank – 12
Eastern Randolph – 56

McDowell – 14
East Forsyth – 59

Bishop McGuinness – 7
Alleghany – 12

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  1. Congratulations HP Central on your win tonight. You said you would take care of business tonight and you did. I met some of you guys at Dudley’s jamboree this past summer. So now its up to you, N.Guilford, and S.Guilford to bring back the state gold to Guilford County.

    Shout out to N.Guilfrod for showing Dudley some love at your game tonight!

  2. Good job HP Central!
    Dudley will be back next year.
    9 starters back on offense
    7 starters back on defense

  3. Poetic, justice was served earlier in the week. Celebrate the kids that are playing. Let all these kids enjoy their moment

  4. Big congrats to Southern G. Nice to see that program have some success again. Comgrats to all the kids that got in the playoffs, win or lose and Congrats to all the kids that played the game all fall and put the work in this summer.

  5. John, the northern kids wanted to show support to the Dudley kids. I understand that is what the kids wanted to do. Nice gesture. Comgrats to northern as well.

  6. Billy, whatever the gesture….it was a nice gesture. Northern took Dudley off & added Reidsville on instead, plus Page, Northwest, Northeast, I think…..those are bigger gates & rivals for them when they did it.

  7. Looks like the NW Guilford Coach benched half his starters for skipping school this week. I say good job coach! I know it couldn’t have been an easy decision knowing what was at stake tonight. Glad to see there are leaders in the community that put the class room and doing things right over winning! Your team will be better in the long run.

  8. Didn’t those kids who were wearing the Gold and Blue transfer out of Dudley? Why you tryin to represent now! We don’t care!

  9. Props to the NW coach, word on the street 8-9 Seniors skipped classes and he benched their butts. This guys had hot morals ahead of winning. That is a stand up guy in my book!

  10. Try to have some class Just Sayin hard as that may be for you. It’s all about the kids right? Isn’t that what we said all week? If the kids at NG want to show Dudley some love despite all the immature or just plain stupid actions by adults this week then what is wrong with that?

  11. Just an FYI for the person stating that SG and NG are the only ones that can bring the gold back to Guilford County, but HP Central us in Guilford County.

  12. Happy to see that most guilford county schools won last night. Tough season for Page but I’m sure they’ll bounce back next year. Wasn’t really impressed with SEGHS (seen them play twice before last night); had a feeling HPC would win. Northern looked tough from the highlights that I saw. I’m going to try and catch a Southern Guilford game to check out the running back. Continue to represent Guilford County guys! God knows we could use the positive news.

    ~ Dudley Alum

  13. I don’t think the Northen kids set the schedule. Still a nice gesture by the northern kids.

    Just saying, I don’t think you want to talk transfers. You have the Academy hitch somehow got David Amerson in there and your QB this year, Hooker, Played his middle school football at Southwest Guilford but somehow ended up at Dudley. Though I can’t blame the Dad. Football wise he is better off at Dudley. Point being, I wouldn’t believe talking transfers.

  14. I’ve ascertained that the owner of Greensboro Sports and his staff will cheer for Southern Guilford despite their culture of playoff failure.

    The subjectivity/cheering in sports reporting has transformed into professional blogging being disguised as journalism.

  15. I think many of us are glad to see Southern have some success. Nobody likes to see a school down forever. Every kid needs a little hope and a dream to chase.

  16. Hope: we all want every Guilford County School to have success on the field and in the classroom; nonetheless, this website shows bias, but it’s expected. Humans are imperfect and extremely subjective.

  17. Wow, we broadcast one Southern Guilford home game all season long and that makes us Fan Boys. We try our best to avoid bias; but, we can’t report from teams that don’t participate or return calls. Just look at the game reports on MaxPreps.Com. The NCHSAA mandated that teams use MaxPreps, so that they can track the teams easier. A lot of teams did, while other teams did the absolute minimum (final scores). Taylor Swift said it best – Shake It Off!

  18. Humans are humans and we all need to work harder and in fact, that was our second Southern Guilford game broadcast of the season…We did SG at SEG back in September…

    We also did SG back about 10 years ago when they were the #1 Seed and they got knocked off in Round of the playoffs by a #16 seed on a Saturday night…..Game rained out on Friday and had to be delayed one day/night….

    We are there and we are not doing enough, but that is the fun part of the challenge, how much more can you do and you can’t satisfy everyone, but I bet there are one or two people out there that are glad to see us when we show up and we must have made some type of a slight impact, I might think…

  19. Teddy,

    I would be the first to agree that Andy can pick the hot horse and ride it til it drops. But he when you have a player like Gallaspy and he’s playing on a team that is running everyone off the field like Southern what is the problem with a little exuberance in reporting?

    I have seen Andy be just as exuberant in his reporting of Mack, the Central QB who is also lighting things up. Both players (and teams) deserve all the recognition Andy is giving them.

    So what’s your beef? That is is more like a professional blog (it is) than journalism? So. I don’t think Andy and Don are going for Pulitzer prizes here. It seems to me they use this blog/site to promote local high school/middle school/college sports teams. It may not be straight up “just the facts ma’am” reporting like the News & Record (who by the way does a really poor job of following and promoting high school sports) but it sure does help get the word on the web about our local athletes and their accomplishments.

    And while I’m at it – what does Southern’s “culture of playoff failure” have to do with this year’s team anyway?

    rant over

  20. Good points Mark and for those that haven’t noticed it is all about the names….You have to go overboard to get people’s attention these days and sometimes the crowd can be tough to wake up…Names and headlines to catch the attention…

    We are not perfect, but we gave it a shot and just kidding there….

    With the News and Record, they cover less and try to go into more detail and sometimes we leave out some of the details as we try to go max with more posts…

    Discussions are good and we always can use more input….

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