If you get a chance take a basketball shot for a friend of Greensboro Sports today:Dean Oldham former Page Pirate and Greensboro College Hornet has passed

Dean Oldham was a good basketball man, a good family man and a good community man…

He was a member of the first ever men’s basketball team at Greensboro College back in 1966…He was a big part of the early days of the Greensboro College Hornets’ basketball program….

Dean was a Page Pirate-grad and he played basketball there too and Dean was good basketball friends with people like Freddy Johnson, Dave Farris, Vic Sapp back in the day, Billy Britt and others from the Greensboro Basketball landscape….

Dean Oldham was just a good guy and remember back when his son Andrew was in the Greensboro Gaters’ basketball program and playing for Vic Sapp, those were good days for Dean and loved his Greensboro College basketball….I believe his Andrew later played for Western Guilford along with kids like Bryan Mobley, Chuck Mobley’s son….Dean had a son named Adam too and a daughter named April….

Good group of people and those early members of the Greensboro College and UNCG men’s basketball teams are almost like a fraternity as they enter their later years and Tom Martin from UNCG is a prime example of part of this group of former Spartans and Hornets….

Dean Oldham, gone but not forgotten and if you get a chance, take an extra basketball shot for Dean Oldham this weekend, even if it is a bit cold outside….

Dean got the job done and here is part of what he has done/did from the obituary in today’s News and Record:

CLICK HERE and this is a very good write-up on Dean….