High School Football Tonight with Four Guilford County teams still in the hunt and GreensboroSports Radio at Southern Guilford

We will have our broadcasting team down at Southern Guilford’s C.K. Siler Stadium this evening for the Southern Guilford-Rocky Mount game and we’ll have Dennis and Nathan White locked and loaded, along with Don Moore back at the GreensboroSports.com score desk for all of tonight’s action and scores…Pre-game rolls with us at around 6:45 pm and then the kickoffs start coming in at 7:30pm….Don will have all of the scores of our Guilford County teams and others from the teams that they may be seeing next week and news/scores on the other big games of interest from across the state and you will see many of those listed down below…We will go across the county and across the state tonight here at GreensboroSports.com/GreensboroSports Radio….Our thanks to Mr. Einstein for coming up with some of these great ideas and to Mr. Gore too and why not throw a shout out to Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Eugene “Mercury” Morris today…Those are the guys that really got us all running back in the day along with Franco Harris, Larry Brown, Walt Garrison, Duane Thomas, Marv Hubbard, Leroy Pitts, Rocky Bleier and all those other tough backs, back there…

How do all of you see our teams doing tonight??? Do we go four-for-four?…Three-for-four, two-for-four and you get the picture from here…..How do you paint this playoff picture today? Can you paint me a Birmingham? Make it look just the way I planned….That is taking us into a different direction and we need to get back on course, of course…..

Here are those games for tonight:(Kickoffs at 7:30, but you should know that by now.)

Ragsdale(7-5) at Charlotte Vance(9-3)….Have heard a lot about Vance, from when they came up to Dudley and faced the Panthers and the High Point Central Bison in scrimmage work, back over the Summer and it might have been 7 on 7’s, but I think it was scrimmage work….Vance is big from what we hear and they must be pretty tought to, to have gone into Mooresville and knocked off Hal Capps’ Blue Devils….Ragsdale has had two weeks off to get ready and they should be ready to roll with Alec Cobb ready to throw that ball to T.J. Parker, Tevin Quick and Taylor Still….Bryce Craig too if necessary….Brandon Harris, Devon Parks and the other have time to heal up and they should be ready to run, but the flexibility of Cobb at QB will be the key….
High Point Central(9-3) at Charlotte Catholic(11-1)…Central has plenty of weapons and they will be facing a different Catholic Cougar this year, minus Elijah Hood…..Central can make it happen on offense with Mack at quarterback, Edmunds and Gorham at receivers, Wall in the slot and Little at RB….Those guys can make it happen and the key will be if Catholic can slow down Jamiel Mack and then who steps up for HP Central….Chavis Little is a fine young runner and he can take a lot of the load off of Mack, but Mack likes the load and if he sees any slack, he will battle back……Fast-paced team these Bison and if they can get into their rhythm and find the pace they want to work with, running a bundle of plays, then they will be OK….Mack and his men are a fun team to be around….(Mack with 46 touchdowns, 23 passing/throwing and 23 running/rushing on the season.)
Northern Guilford(11-1) at Wilson Fike(11-1)…..Take that Northern “Big Three” of Freeman, Reynolds and Harris and then add in Tre Marsh, Tucker Hord and a few more Nighthawks and you have yourself a “Nighthawk Pot Pie” and with that nice assortment of talent, you have to believe one or two, or more of those kids will get hot tonight at the right time…..Harris has had an outstanding year running this team as the QB and he is right at 2,000 yards for the year…..Harris can also tuck and run and when you have options like Northern does the team that will have a chance to stop will have to be a very good and is Wilson Fike that team? We find out, as NG hits the road again tonight and watch out for kids like Freeman and Reynolds, to go along with Harris, they tend to get hot at this time of year….
Rocky Mount(8-4) at Southern Guilford(12-0)….Reggie Gallaspy will be the man on the “Most Wanted List”, as Rocky Mount sets out to try and knock off/curb/calm the Storm tonight at C.K. Siler Stadium and that will be a handful for the Gryphons of Rocky Mount…Once you get your hands and arms on Reggie, Storm QB Nathan Stoner may still have the ball and be ready to let it go in the air to Ron Hunt….Reggie may be set to get the handoff, but Stoner may instead put it in his gut and then take it out and give the ball to Nigel Thomas on an end/slot-around play and Amon Harris may be in position to take one up field for positive yardage….Saying all of that to say this, Southern Guilford has many ways that they can attack you on offense….Reggie is the key and why would you ever change and go a different way when he is running downhill and headed toward the fieldhouse or toward the tall pines down beyond the opposite end zone….Give to Reggie and let him be your workhorse and run the man till his tongue hangs out and knowing him, it won’t pop out of his mouth, cause the kid is in full-game shape….But if need be, SG can come at you in different ways…Reggie with 44 TD’s, Ron Hunt has 10, Nigel Thomas has right at 10 and Stoner has thrown for right at 16 TD’s and if need him to let loose, Francisco Lopez can kick it almost as far as the big TV/Radio tower that you can see in the background…Garrett Blackburn turned on the after-burners up there on the defensive line last week and the Mobley kid has been playing big line time all year long….Southern has a chance to make a statement tonight and when you reach this stage of the season, every game is a “Statement Game”….

*****A few more games of interest:
#7 North Davidson at #2 WS Reagan….Winner plays HP Central-Charlotte Catholic winner
#13 Mount Tabor at #12 Rocky River…Winner plays Ragsdale-Charlotte Vance winner
#6 Corinth Holders at #3 Hillsborough Orange…Winner plays Northern Guilford-Wilson Fike winner
#5 Eastern Wayne at #4 Southern Nash…Winner plays Southern Guilford-Rocky Mount winner

#5 Matthews Butler at #4 Mallard Creek
#8 Providence at #1 East Forsyth
#10 Southern Lee at #2 Eastern Alamance
#7 Polk County at #2 Reidsville
#5 Randleman at #4 Roanoke Rapids
#7 Asheboro at #2 Cuthbertson
#9 Wakertown at #1 West Montgomery*****

Our Picks for our Guilford County Games Tonight:
(Dennis White really broke this down well last night over at Shane’s Rib Shack and Dennis is taking
Charlotte Vance
High Point Central
Northern Guilford
and Southern Guilford….I think I will take all of the Guilford County teams to win and it may well be that if Ragsdale and High Point Central can pull off those tough road wins, those will be upsets….Taking:Ragsale, High Point Central, Northern Guilford and Southern Guilford….Central becoming healthy has become a big plus for them and Tim Ward is the Bison defensive leader….

Poll this week pretty much the same as last week with maybe a few changes….
2)Southern Guilford(12-0)
3)Northern Guilford(11-1)
4)High Point Central(9-3)
5)Southeast Guilford(10-2)
6)Northwest Guilford(8-4)
8)Eastern Guilford(7-5)
9)High Point Andrews(5-6)


  1. Would love to be the lead blocker for Reggie Gallaspy, that kid is gonna get you some yards and your efforts would not go unnoticed….

    Then if I blocked for him, he could then turn around and block for me and that kid is big enough to land some crushing blocks, for sure….

  2. lol Andy, I have to say… I would love to see anyone blocking for you as you carry the ball. Good form.

  3. They used to call me the “One Horse Plow” back when I came through the neighbors’ backyards….

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