Looking back at the Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) and T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) numbers/stats

The high school football career for Southern Guilford’s Reggie Gallaspy came to an end, at least as far as the playoffs go and not sure if he will suit up for the Shrine Bowl Game, but his senior year numbers, as a Southern Guilford Storm football player, ended up like this….

Reggie Gallaspy with 3,318 rushing yards on 349 carries with 237 yards per game and 9.5 yards per carry and RG went for 54 TD’s, with 52 coming on the ground and two coming off of Nathan Stoner passes to Reggie Gallaspy….3,318 yards and 54 TD’s for Reggie Gallaspy, N.C. State-bound in January….

On the other hand, T.J. Logan rushed for 3,146 yards his senior year at Northern Guilford and T.J hit the end zone 47 times for TD’s and averaged 10.7 yards per carry….

Gallaspy with 3,318 yards/54 TD’s…*****Update and Gallaspy rushing yards on the money and now for Total Yards when add all in:3,441 yards and the 54 TD’s stand…..
Logan with 3,146 yards/47 TD’s…*****Update on Logan rushing yards on the table and he did pick up more receiving and in 6 TD’s for T.J. Logan and one other touchdown on a punt return and that puts his Total Yards at 3,634 and his TD total at 54, the exact same as Reggie Gallaspy….

When T.J. Logan put up those numbers you had many on-lookers feeling that those numbers might stand up there on top for many years, but you stop and take a look and two years later his rushing numbers have been surpassed by Reggie Gallaspy…

Reggie Gallaspy with 3,318 rushing yards/3,441 Total Yards and 54 TD’s….
T.J. Logan with 3,146 rushing yards/3,634 Total Yards and 54 TD’s….

The three numbers that you can’t take away from T.J. Logan, who now runs/carries the ball for North Carolina, are the THREE Championship rings that he collected along the way during the Nighthawks’ title runs during 2010, 2011 and 2012….

Numbers and stats are just that, something to look at and marvel at then we move on, but it is still always fun to compare and see how Guilford County’s best stack up, when you set them up, side-by-side…..

*****Wonder who will be that next great back in line to take over here in Guilford County?????*****


  1. Andy,
    just want to add/correct your numbers (from MAX PREPS)
    14 games / 3441 total yards
    52 rush td’s / 2 receiving td’s = 54 total td’s

    15 games / 3634 total yards
    47 rush td’s / 6 receiving td’s
    1 PR for td = = 54 total td’s

    both are great players from Guilford County!!

  2. No mention of the 12 yards Logan gained Saturday vs NC State. Come to think of it no mention of the game at all here. Must be too many butt hurt UNC fans on this site.y0

  3. Good call on the stats….I was using numbers from an article by Chip Alexander in the News and Record from last week….He had the 47 TD’s, but when you add in the others and get Logan to 54, it really makes it even more interesting…

    We were very busy with the high school game on Saturday, so therefore we listed the games for our ACC teams for Saturday, but did not go into the details about the results….We did present and give out the score during our high school football game broadcast here on the site on Saturday night…

    We had on the site, but just not in print and we gave North Carolina a bit of hard time, so N.C. State did get their dues here back on Saturday night, it was just done in audio and not in print…

    I will go back and do some re-do/updates on those T.J. Logan numbers in the morning…

    Thanks for both of these comments, they help us get things up-to-date….

    Thanks again…..Still pretty wild that they both end up at 54 TD’s…..

  4. There has always been a debate on records. So some records are from just the regular season, while others continue to be tallied throughout the post season. I can see both sides of the story. If you use post season numbers it’s not fair to the players whose team doesn’t make post season. For example team A plays 16 games and team B only plays 10. If you play for team B then you don’t have the same amount of opportunities as a player on team A. If you don’t use all the stats from post season then you could be penalizing the player on team A.
    Guess Babe Ruth would have a lot more home runs if they played 162 games back then!

  5. He also had 1 catch for -1 yard. He is not the player he was in high school. The 12 rushing yards was on 5 carries

  6. TJ is still the running back he was in high school. His coach has a screwed up offensive scheme. You can’t play six different running backs a game and expect them to get any kind of rhythm going. Notice how TJ played better when a couple of the backs were hurt. Give him more reps and he will produce!

  7. I don’t see TJ succeeding in Fedora’s offensive scheme…When Hood recovers, that will be UNC’s horse. If I were TJ’s dad, I’d transfer him to a small D1 school and I would bet that he’d thrive.

  8. NG…TJ loses a year by transferring. I don’t see that helping him as he did not red shirt last year. He is getting an education and I do agree that Hood will get the majority of carries when he is healthy. BFS is absolutely correct…the kid needs opportunities to get into a rythm. Fedora has big issues. Also, UNC just adopted a new Honor system: Yes, your Honor… No your Honor.

  9. he ran all over duke for 100+ and a score or two. When he was the only one getting carries and it was on prime time tv and he carried them through the biggest game of the year

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