At Winter Meetings, NCHSAA allows in “Spring Football Practice” with unlimited number of players, but NO contact, plus Thursday Night Football LIVE on TWC

from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Winter Meetings in Chapel Hill and from

The NCHSAA Board voted to allow 10 days of skill development sessions with unlimited numbers in football, immediately prior to the last five days of the school year. Practice would have a two and one half hour limit, including stretching and cool down, Monday through Friday (Saturday as make up day), no body to body contact, a first responder/licensed athletic trainer must be present, and any student-athlete still involved in a spring sport will not be allowed to participate until the end of that sport’s season.

No other skill development would be allowed in football during the school year prior to this 10-day period. This policy goes into effect December 8, so no other skill development in football can occur until the 10-day window in the spring of 2015, although conditioning and weight lifting are allowed.

In major move, the board approved the concept of live regular season television on a specific, limited basis as part of the exclusive NCHSAA agreement with Time Warner Cable. The proposal would include a 12-week window of regular season games in football for Thursday live telecasts, and then a similar window for 10 weeks on a non-traditional night (Wednesday or Thursday) for live telecasts in basketball. Schools may elect not to participate in the live telecasts if they have a game chosen, and other details on the proposal will be worked out.

There were realignment appeals, which always occur at the mid point of the four-year alignment period, and two of the seven which the Board heard were approved.
Cardinal Gibbons was approved for a move from 3-A to 4-A due to a substantial increase in its numbers. The school will move from the Big Eight 3-A conference to the PAC-6 in 4-A.

Jay Robinson was approved to move from 4-A to 3-A, due a change in the district lines which have occurred and reduced its numbers, and to move from the MeCKa 4-A to the South Piedmont 3-A.


  1. It was legal to have workouts/practices in the Spring in previous years, you were limited though by the number of days that you could work out and also limited by the number of players that could be out there at a given time….

    Many times players would show up at different schools and work out on their own with varying numbers of players and they might even get together as a large group on Saturdays and Sundays, but not as an organized event with coaches on hand…

    Now it will all be organized and structured…

    I remember in years past the kids would get together up the street or across the street from the schools just to get as many people as possible together and working on their game and this was something the kids would do on their own…..

  2. Page used to do that and MORE when Marion Kirby was HC and they were good back then but now……..

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