Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals for 12/11/14:Details on NWG-WG, plus NEG and Glenn in need of a win, did they get it?(Find out here)

Adding in a few more to what Don Moore had earlier on the Twitterverse…Word coming in from reliable sources that the Northeast Guilford boys won a last-second shot vs. RC(41-39 Northeast Guilford boys) and the NEG Ram girls lost by 11/13….Rockingham County 51, Northeast Guilford 38 girls side….Glenn 54, WS Reagan 47[Glenn girls now (7-1)]…Asheboro girls 69, High Point Central 33….High Point Andrews girls 66, Eastern Randolph 44…Glenn is now at (7-1), MaxPreps had failed to update the WS Reagan win….
Northwest Guilford 90, Western Guilford 48….Both the Northwest Guilford boys and girls are now (6-0) and in both games tonight they invoked the scoring rule when the lead reaches 40 points in the second half/4th Quarter, they go with the non-stop clock….Girls Final was Northwest Guilford 72, Western Guilford 28….I made this game note during the games, “Most people/fans that I have seen in a high school gym on Thursday night in a long time”….This game kind of had the feel of a Page-Grimsley, or Smith-Dudley basketball game, at least during much of the boys game it did…Lots of basketball fever out there at Northwest tonight in the Roger Nelson Gym and a good job turned in by John Hughes, Ralph Kitley and the NWG staffers and that Northwest Guilford Student Section continues to be a force….

Some of the scoing from tonight and the girls’ books were gone from the scorer’s table soon after the horn sounded, but I did get a few NWG girls scores from a fan in the stands and from the PA announcements and we will hit the boys first and this info comes in from the Western Guilford scorebook….
NWG scoring:Freshman Tre Turner led the way for NWG with 20 points, Sam Covington started slow, but got hot and added 15 for NWG, Jalen Spicer and Jaylen Gore both in double-digits with 11 points each, also for NWG you had Edwards with 9, Kevin Henry and Reggie Davis with 6 each, Braswell had 4, Elbin 3 and Barker and Hennigan 2 a-piece and Braiman had one point for the Vikings…
Western Guilford scoring:De’Shaun Taylor was tops with 16, Dockery had 11, Giles 5, Williams 5, Bowden 4 and Evaro and Dean had 2 points each….

Northwest Guilford girls scoring and we may be a point short, but here is what we have based upon what we were hearing and those scorebooks disappeared quickly after the game…Vikings with Morgan Pointer 14 points, Toni Tucker 13 points, Savannah Neas with 8 points, Hailey Barber with 10 points, Harkey with 10, Leah Wallace with 8, Catherine Moore with 5 and Gibbs with 2 points, and Griffin and Hutchinson had 1 point a-piece is what we had for the Northwest Guilford Lady Vikings….
Western girls and we will be on a search for a few more for them but Hopson with 11, Hardin with 10, Langenfield with 3, Chadwick and Mims with 2 each ….We will keep in on the search mode as we head toward Friday….

Game proceedings on the NWG-WG girls:1st Q:NWG 33, WG 9…Halftime:NWG 43, WG 15…End of 3rd Q:NWG 54, WG 24…Final:NWG 72, WG 28…
NWG-WG boys:1st Q:NWG 28, WG 18…Halftime:NWG 55, WG 30….End of 3rd Q:NWG 77, WG 38…Final:NWG 90, WG 48…


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