Looking at the Numbers from the Friday and Saturday night basketball games

*****We are updating, send now if you have time…Sunday PM*****
Non-scientific right now, but will keep working on this post and let’s consider it under construction for now with the Boys at 20 and the girls at 15 points for our limits and we will keep building this through Monday…We hit/added the Saturday night numbers to go with the Friday night numbers and have extended the girl’s number to 14 and boy’s to 18 points, so we could get in a few honorable mentions…Trying to recognize as many players as possible…..
(We may have missed a few, send them our way.)

Boys with 20 points or more on the score….
32:Harry Giles(Wesleyan)
30:Aaron Simpson(Smith)
28:J. Stewart(Bartlett Yancey)
27:Kaymon Mitchell(Southwest Guilford)
27:John Puryer(Grimsley)
24:Jalen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
23:Marshall Lange(Westchester Country Day)
23:LJ McCoy(Westchester)
21:KJ Langley(Southwest Guilford)
21:Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford)
*****Not really too many boy’s 18 point scorers for the honorable mention so decided to add the 16 and 17-point scorers for the boys….*****
18:M. Coleman(Bartlett Yancey)
17:Jake Hartle(WS Reagan)
16:Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford)
16:Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley)
16:Raymon Pratt(Smith)
16:T. Cheek(Smith)
16:Madison Cone(East Forsyth)
16:Trey McCollum(Western Alamance)
16:Luke Gessell(High Point Christian)
16:Nathan Holt:(Grace Christian)

Girls with 15 points or more on the score…
38:Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day)
23:Hailey Riffe(High Point Christian)
19:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford)
18:Taylor Blakely(Walkertown)
17:Tessa Johnson(Bishop McGuinness)
17:Tia Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness)
17:Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day)
16:Kayla Phifer(Southeast Guilford)
16:Peyton Kadlecek(Caldwell Academy)
15:Hannah Houser(Caldwell Academy)
15:Tessa Johnson(Bishop McGuinness)
15:Shaniya Jones(Wesleyan)
14:Jasmine Wilson(Southwest Guilford)
14:Alex Putman(Bishop McGuinness)
14:E. Jeffers(Southeast Guilford)
14:Tia Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness)
14:Mehgman Speckman(Caldwell Academy)
14:Taylor Blakely(Walkertown)


  1. for Westchester:
    Marshall Lange had a triple double on friday 23-10-13
    LJ McCoy 23 Pts
    David Ayodele 19 Pts 14 Reb
    Caymen Bennett 17 Pts

  2. Why do we not include New Hope Academy in these polls? You include all other private school teams that have good players and playing a tough and hectic schedule.

  3. Curious said,

    Why do we not include New Hope Academy in these polls? You include all other private school teams that have good players and playing a tough and hectic schedule.

    NEWS FLASH: Andy & Co. will include it if you’ll feed it to him…Get on the radar screen Curious…no conspiracy here…”no good deed goes unpunished” Andy. Someone will find something to complain about always.

  4. I’m curious to know about New Hope’s academics. Curious can you tell us about the classes your kid takes?

  5. There are lots of players in this community who make contributions to their team(s) without scoring lots of points—assists and rebounds come to mind. It would be nice to have those contributions listed to either give recognition or additional recognition to student athletes who contribute in a different way.

  6. We are going to need to start adding in some of the assist and rebound numbers as they become available to us…That needs to be our next order of numbers business…

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