Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas today and you can hear the game on 1200/920 AM/95.1 FM with Gallaspy(SG), Gehsmann(WG), Clark(Smith) and Morehead(EG)

^^^^^Final South Carolina wins it over North Carolina 21-12….^^^^^
$$$$$Special Game Report/Update$$$$$
*****Game ends up just on 1200/920/95.1 FM…..1320 had a UNCG basketball commitment and 1230 had Charotte 49ers basketball, but I did get a chance to listen on 1200 WSML with Byron Tucker and it was a good broadcast…WSML 1200 AM was coming in good in Guilford County today and last check the score was South Carolina 14, North Carolina 12, with the Tar Heels missing on both PAT attempts, one with a kick that was blocked and one with a pass attempt that failed….Kevin Gallaspy(Western Guilford) has a pass interception from his LB spot and I believe Jaruis Morehead(Eastern Guilford) also had a pick, but the announcer was a little bit unsure about that one[J. Morehead did get the pick/verified]…Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) has seen time both at the LB and RB positions for the Tar Heels…..

John Kirby(Eastern Alamance) will be the head coach for the North Carolina squad in the 2015 Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas Football Game and there’s your update right…*****

Reggie Gallaspy from Southern Guilford will be on the field as both a runningback and as a linebacker today for the North Carolina team in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas, while we will also see and hear Cameron Clark, from Ben L. Smith High School, in the game on the offensive line, plus we have Kevin Gehsmann, from Western Guilford, ready to go at linebacker and Jaruis Morehead, from Eastern Guilford, will be there for Guilford County at a defensive back position….

Gallaspy, Clark, Gehsmann and Morehead, plus Jayron Rankin(Reidsville HS) ready to go today in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas and the football game will kickoff at 1pm from Gibbs Stadium, in Spartanburg, South Carolina….

You can listen to/hear the game on 1320/1230/1200/920 AM and on 95.1 FM here in the Triad area and Chris Hughes will have full reports by way of Twitter coming in/down, from

Kickoff coming up at 1pm and we four young men from Guilford County in this game so let’s show them some support and be sure and check out the game on any of these fine radio stations in the Triad:
1320/1230/1200/920 AM/95.1 FM
*****Adjusted station list with 1220/920 AM and 95.1 FM*****
+++++Early-week Tweet had 1320 and 1230 carrying the game too, but they had to back out due to college basketball commitments.+++++


  1. The head coach of the North Carolina Shrine Bowl team in 2015 will be John Kirby of Eastern Alamance.

    assistant coaches include Bobby Curlings (New Bern), Shane Handy (Randleman), Mark Holcomb (North Davidson), Kelly Holder (Mount Airy), Antonio King(Durham Hillside) and Charlie Metcalf (Asheville).

    Read more when you CLICK HERE for WRALSportsFan’s HS OT….

  2. It is amazing that a state with half the population of the other continues to dominate this game. Does anyone know why SC continues to get NC in this game year after year? This would be like a 2A school beating a 4A school year after year – it should not be happening. This would never happen in sports such as soccer, basketball, or track or just football.

  3. I think SC finishes their play-offs a week ahead of NC. That gives them twice as many practices!

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