Haeco Invitational Ticket Winners Here

http://alisonguest.co.uk/tag/emotional-wellbeing/ Ticket Winners and be sure to read the pickup info below:
http://skiathosdogshelter.com/68215-sklice-lice-treatment-66752 Cheston Garner
Sam Williams
Kenneth Brown Jr.
Jewel Monroe
Lindley S. Ivey
Hadara Bannister
John Gatling

*****That should be 7 names and those are our 7 Winners for 2014…..*****

These are the ticket Winners and you can pick up tickets at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center will call window Friday after 2pm….Haeco Package with your tickets and game plan perks to go with it will ready in an envelope with your name on it and you will need a picture ID to pick up your tickets for the game and for the Hanger up stairs above the court and you will be able to go in and out of the hanger twice each day only….

*****Thanks to Steve Warren, Jane Warren and Britt Weathersby, also know as the Great community minded people at Gateway Management/Steak n Shake, we have been doing this ticket giveaway now for many/several years and again this holiday season, we thank the good people at Steak n Shake(Steve, Jane, Britt and their fine staff) for all of the tickets you, as the readers/viewers of this site, will receive…..*****

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