Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball for Tonight(1/8/15):Dudley boys top Southern Alamance 63-59 in OT

Dudley girls 48, Southern Alamance 24…Dudley girls now at (10-4/2-0) for the season….
Dudley boys 63, Southern Alamance 59(OT)….…Dudley boys(6-5/1-1)…SA boys(7-5/1-1)……

Southern Alamance 7 11 14 18  9  59 
Dudley            9 10 17 14 13  63 (OT) 

Dudley scoring:
Josh Hopkins 16
Brion Seagraves 15
Dematus Gilmore 13
Hendon Hooker 11
Aaron Thomas 5
Winston Bryan 2
Jabarie Bracey 1

Not a lot of games on the list for tonight, but here is what we have been seeing and hearing and you see or hear otherwise, let us know…

Southern Alamance at Dudley 6pm….SA girls are down a bit, but the SA boys under head coach Marty Parrish and led by Jalen Burnett and the Carrington Young kid will surprise you and catch you off-guard if you let them….
Caldwell Academy at American Hebrew Academy 5pm
Vandalia Christian School at Community Baptist 5:30pm
Rockingham County at Reidsville 6pm
Glenn at WS Parkland 6pm


  1. The “Slash Bros.” J.Burnett and C.Young and the rest of the SA crew, are coming to Dudley to take care of business. Sleep on this team of you want to.

  2. You got to come to the “Big red house” real soon and it won’t be a OT involved with it either. I’m gonna go ahead and say it, Dudley will lose, and it won’t be close. Had to fight for your lives at home, you will have to fight to stay in the game and keep it respectable at SA.

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