What has been the best high school basketball game that you have seen so far this season? Tonight/Friday night might be the one!!!(Best National Anthem too)

That 65-61 win by the Page boys over Grimsley may be the best basketball game that we have seen all season and the job by Campbell Kargo(Page) on the National Anthem, prior to the boy’s game, priceless….More on the men and the National Anthem down below….But first we have to deal with a couple of shockers for tonight….

Two very big wins on the ladies side tonight with Eastern Guilford topping Rockingham County 52-40 and Northeast Guilford defeating Eastern Alamance 48-46….EG women had to go on the road to beat Coach Woody Wall’s Cougars and Coach Kris Britton at EG is doing one heck of a job and what about those Northeast Guilford Rams???

For NEG to top Eastern Alamance, that is huge for a Northeast Guilford team that was just about dead a couple of years ago…Eastern Alamance is very big with Dunn and Long in the lane and EA is a very good team and Northeast has made great strides this year….The Rams are putting a good product back on the floor again and Eastern Guilford was very good back in the days of Coach Tina Gunn, with kids like Miranda Jenkins and Tasha Huntley and more, but Coach Britton may be ready to take the Lady ‘Cats to even a higher level with Williamson, Patterson, Harris, Petty and I am doing all of these names off of memory, so I may leave somebody out, so sorry on that note..Let’s see, Williamson, Patterson, Harris, Petty and one more and ready to go and NEG has been led all year long by Dinah Neal and Michelle Jeffries….

The Page-Grimsley/Grimsley-Page boys game, have you seen a better one than that here locally this season??? EG-SWG boys went to the wire and was very tight down the stretch last Friday night at Eastern Guilford, but tonight’s Page-Grimsley game topped the Wildcats-Cowboys battle….

Why was tonight’s Page-Grimsley boys game so good?????

Well to start with, Grimsley showed up….And the National Anthem sung by Page’s Campbell Kargo was one of the best I have ever heard in this city, or in any city for that matter….That Kid Kargo has talent….She could do real good down the road with her music when the basketball is done, there is no doubt about that…

Yes TONIGHTt the Whirlies came to play…At the beginning of the year, I kept on asking everybody, “where is Bruce Davis?”…Well he is on the court now for Whirlies, even though he missed the first part of the year….

If Grimsley played/plays the same way every night that they played tonight, they will have a very good season….

Grimsley was in for the battle/fight tonight….

The Whirlies were up 33-25 at halftime and that eight point lead was looming large, as the Page Pirates hit the floor to begin the second half, but Page did not panic, the Pirates went to work and they not only worked the ball into the lane toward Xavier Hill-Mais and Jalen Seegars, they found guys like Tyren Melton and Will Jones open on the outside and that made a big difference….Brandon Talton added to the Pirates’ punch and Page went about six deep this evening and that was it…Diondre Overton had another steady ball game and he keeps on improving at the point….

Nick Moore, Mason Moore, Aaron Wiggins and along with Michael Featherston all had strong nights for Grimsley and we talked about Bruce Davis earlier and he is a game-changer and he effects the way you play defense and how you protect the basket….Davis can get inside and Featherston still was on the outside on offense and then he would drop down to the backside defensively for Grimsley and the Whirlies’ trapping defense gave Page fits all night long….John Puryear did not have his best-of-best games for Grimsley, but while he was in, he was working his tail off and busting it tonight….

Both teams would tell us they need to do a better job on the boards, especially tonight on the defensive end, where the Pirates and Whirlies alike had way too many second chance opportunities….

Would loved to have been the one in charge of keeping track of who came up with the most loose balls tonight and would still love to see how those numbers ended up…..Loose balls all over the place and the pace of the game was “off the charts” and “off the hook” for most of the entire game…..

The game was a sellout and the fans that came out tonight had to be walking out talking about how good this game was…..In a game such as this one, the points don’t add up as much as the made free throws in clutch situations and the effort factor….

You won’t see any better effort than what we out there tonight and that sellout crowd of 1,500 fans got their money’s worth and more on this Friday night…..

Neither team went way deep into their bench and Page rolled with just about six men only tonight….

This one was a treat and not all of the Grimsley-Page games turn out like this one did….If you have one of those high school scrapbooks that you have been keeping, or are now keeping, you may want to add a Page/page or two on this game…..

The Whirlies and the Pirates left nothing at home tonight, they brought their “A” games and everything that they had was left out there on that basketball court/floor this evening…..

There wasn’t a lot left to take home except the memories of one GREAT ballgame and those kids gave everything they had and little bit more tonight in one of the best games of the season and they did it up right tonight, and made the Mac Morris Gymnasium stand tall and proud on this special night…..

What’s next, I hear Page will not play again until next Friday, when they travel to face the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles…..

*****Got anybody seeing it the way we saw this one tonight/Friday?*****

+++++Something to keep in mind, what might be tonight for me/us, might be morning for others.+++++


  1. Definitely one of the best in that rivalry. First time I can remember people being turned away. PACKED! Fantastic National Anthem! Each school receiving a check for $14,000 from the Page Grimsley Golf Tournament! Shout out to Chris Skoog, Donald Moore, and everybody that worked so hard to make that event a huge success. If you weren’t able to make the game you have no idea how hard Andy and Dennis had to work just to see the game from their broadcast table. The student sections were packed, loud, and for the most part kept it clean. Rusty Lee never stopped working even became an usher helping folks find seats!

  2. We’ve got plenty of audio….You can listen back to the entire games for both the boys and girls when you Click On the GreensboroSports Radio link/tab at the top of our home page here at the site and the games will be running all of this week….

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