Putting together the Stat/Number lines for our local teams:Now with Boys and Girls listings

We have the boys scoring lineup for you tonight and we will come back with the girls for you in the morning and this is what we have from our teams that have been listing their stats/scoring numbers at MaxPreps.com…..Only can list names and numbers for those that have presented their numbers at MaxPreps….Points per Game…

22.3 Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)
19.5 John Puryear(Grimsley)
17.9 Noah Dunn(Vandalia Christian)
16.5 Jalen Seegars(Page)
16.4 John Brewer(Caldwell Academy)
15.8 K.J. Langley(Southwest Guilford)
15.7 Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford)
15.5 Diondre Overton(Page)
14.5 Kaymon Mitchell(Southwest Guilford)
13.9 Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley)
13.3 Jared Talley(Vandalia Christian)
13.2 Xavier Hill-Mais(Page)….6 Games
12.9 Cameron Alston(Vandalia Christian)
12.7 Ce’Darius Dockery(Western Guilford)
12.3 Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford)
12.2 Ben Robertson(High Point Christian Academy)
12.0 T.J. Parker(Ragsdale)
11.9 Josh Gibson(Northern Guilford)
11.1 Kalin Cotton(Eastern Guilford)
11.1 Michael Provenzano(High Point Christian Academy)
11.1 Bryson Gordon(Vandalia Christian)
11.0 Rakeim Richardson(High Point Central)
10.6 Jamal Anderson(High Point Central)
10.4 Tre McLean(Eastern Guilford)
10.3 Justin Dorsett(Southeast Guilford)

*****The highest rebounding total we saw was Xavier Hill-Mais(Page) with 9.5 rebounds per game over 6 games…*****

17.2 Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford)
15.0 Esscence Abraham(Dudley)
14.3 Kiarra Harrsion(Dudley)
13.1 Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford)
12.1 Zariah Rawlingson(Ragsdale)
12.9 Michelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford)
12.4 Nokomis Williams(Southern Guilford)
12.0 Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
11.4 Kayla Phifer(Southeast Guilford)
10.5 Kasey Johnson(Northern Guilford)
10.3 Tamani Manning(Smith)
10.1 Dominique Jackson(Smith)
10.0 Ariel Ellis(Northeast Guilford)
10.0 Breana Hardnett(Southeast Guilford)

+++++Missing numbers can be added and adjusted, but we have to hear from the teams/coaches….+++++


  1. We have never had a problem posting what are players do. It is a tribute to them and it has nothing to do with how we finish in conference or tournament wise. Nor does it stop our kids from getting scholarships if that is what they are fortunate to do.

  2. Where are the WES, GDS and NW averages? The areas best boys and girls game are at these schools but no posted numbers.

  3. Post what you have and then hope the others will come around….

    Interesting note on the New Hope Christian Academy girls in Thomasville, coached by Delaney Rudd…

    New Hope is averaging right at 66.0 points per game, but has no players at or above 10 ppg….

    They have about 5-6 players right at 9-plus points per game with Lucky Rudd the tops at 9.8, but none over ten a game and they are still winning at a 95.5 percentile…..

    The more the coaches post, the more we can retrieve and then post for you here…If they(the coaches) send it to us, or if they post at MaxPreps, it will end up here on the site….

  4. Harry Giles is posting probably a 20+ppg and 10+rpg average ala Kevin Garnett or did I mean Kevin Durant. Either or, thats a special young talent to watch. Johnny Manziel off the Bench for GDS getting a very undervalued 3 ppg but what he does doesnt show up in the box score. Northwest Boys and Girls blow everybody out and only play half of the game so I doubt any of them make the list. William Dillard shooting like 85% from the field with that Westbrook thunderous prowess and razzle dazzle dunks.

  5. No Hendon Hooker? I know probably average between 16-17 points a game for the panthers… Brion Seagraves probably average about 13 a game for them as well.

  6. Aaron Simpson and Ramon Pratt at Ben L. Smith would be on this list. I do not know the numbers but I know Aaron Simpson would be near the top of this list if not at the top. He has had a few 25, 30 point games. I know Pratt has to be averaging 12-15 points a game.

  7. Seriously no Spicer?? Not sure about his scoring average but he’s got more moves than an Egyptian Belly-dancer. And Covington has got to be averaging at least 16ppg; his range is deeper than Jerry Springer’s final thoughts!! GDS has a player really named Johnny Manziel??

  8. Cleo Torres,

    I dont know his real name, but he looks just like Johnny Football! This kid truly makes winning plays. Solid textbook Terrence Ross jumpshot. He hustles like crazy all over the court. Rumor is he transferred from Germany i heard? how does GDS do it?? its so Awesome. That school is like Hogwarts pullin off magic like that. Jalen Spicer looked really good in the Haeco but thats all i saw. Smooth Lefty. Reminds me of Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies.

    Happy New Year!
    Dickie Harter

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