Game Reports on GDS-Wesleyan Boys and Girls Basketball Games:GDS men move to (25-0)/Post-game Interview with GDS’ Coach Freddy Johnson[Video]

Final on the men’s game was Greensboro Day School 56, Wesleyan Christian Academy 48

GDS now at (25-0) and GDS scoring:Peter Agba led the way with 18 and Darius Moore chipped in 11…Will Dillard and Trevor Mayo had 9 points each…We had JP Moorman with 5 points, while John Newman and Marquelle McIntyre had 2 points a-piece….
Wesleyan Christian Academy scoring:Harry Giles III was tops with 21 points and 7 of the 21 came from the free throw line….Brandon Childress and Kwe Parker each had 10 points, TJ Jackson, the biggest man on the court size-wise had 3 points, Jalen Johnson added 2 and Michael Buckland had 1….WES now at (21-3)….

In the girls game the final was Wesleyan Christian Academy 56, Greensboro Day School 32..
Wesleyan scoring:Jones with 21 points, Mackey had 13, Price got 7, Massie was there with 6, Bailey pumped in 4, Knight had 3 plus Woolard and Dooley nailed down 2 each…WES now at (9-9)
GDS scoring:Tamera Thorpe led all scorers with 22 points(12 made free throws)…Mahlon Brady added 5, Ellie Baldwin had three and Shyleim had 2….GDS now at (20-5)

Details and thoughts on the games coming up….

Coach Mike Krzyzewski from Duke was there at the game tonight and you have to think he was hot on the trail of Harry Giles from Wesleyan(Also coaches Tom Palumbo from Guilford College and assistant Darren Corbett from N.C. A&T at the game and Jeff Capel, assistan from Duke too)….Giles had a very good game, but he didn’t get the greatest shots in the world and that was due to good defense from Greensboro Day….Giles got his points, but he had to work for them and he was one of the best players on the court tonight, there is no doubt about that, but he wasn’t any better than the Bengals’ Peter Agba….Agba has a very good game and I won’t say great, but he did things on defense to help his team stabilize Giles and on offense, Agba put himself into a position where he didn’t have to go right at Giles, he could up a few feet from the bucket and make the 3-5 footer….

Sometimes the Wesleyan players were guilty of watching Giles do his thing and that took away from their team attack, but all-in-all Wesleyan did not play poorly, GDS just took over the game and would not give it back and would not allow WES to re-take the lead…GDS got the lead and it stayed at two for a long time, but in the end the Bengals were able to pad their lead and they hit their free throws done the stretch to salt the game away….

Harry Giles is very tall and he is very long, but GDS was able to get by him tonight and those free throws that came once the Bengals moved in front came from Agba with two, Trevor Mayo with two and Mayo nearly draws rain on his arc, Will Dillard and JP Moorman had one each as did Darius Moore in the second half….

One of the plays of the game came on a steal that JP Moorman made on Harry Giles and it came as Giles was dribbling the ball back up court and Moorman ripped him off from behind and it was a game-changer…

Like we said earlier Agba had a big game and so did Darius Moore and he got him with cramps late in the game, but returned just in time to help seal the win for GDS….

From the GDS standpoint, they had more help….Giles got his, but he did not have the team support that the Bengals displayed….Agba had his 18, but there you go with 11 from Moore and 9 more from both Dillard and Mayo…Plus you get 5 from Moorman which is bonus and then you also get a couple from McIntyre and Newman….GDS just had more balance and the Bengals played that tough defense that is their trademark….A game in the 50’s and they win it again…56-48 and that is a game that the Bengals should win….The trademark defense shows up again…..

The Trojans are going to have to get more out of guys like Jalen Johnson and Michael Buckland…TJ Jackson was a very big man off of the bench and that is going by his size, the man is huge….

Very solid defensive night by the GDS Bengals and if you allow them to impose their will on you, they will and then they will win the game….

The men’s game was real battle that escalated into a war, but the girls/women’s game was not very close at all…Wesleyan was just too young and too athletic for GDS….The Trojan girls could run and they could convert….There are at least 4 girls in that the WES top five that could play for most of the public schools in our area….The kids, with Jones primarily and many more, they are fast and quick, but they know what they are doing with the ball and this team from WES should finish this year very successful….

For GDS, they are so Tamera Thorpe oriented, if her game is off in even the slightest way, the Bengals are in trouble….Reason being, it takes the other girls so long to get their games cranked up….Tonight, WES stepped on the floor ready to play and the main ingredients were Jones, Mackey and Massie….The WES team should go deep into the state tournament if those young girls keep on improving….

GDS has to start looking beyond Tamera and learn to build for the future, and for this season, the Bengals have to learn to understand that Tamera can not carry them by herself…When they face a complete team like WES, you are going to be in for trouble….Got to believe that are a few more teams out there like WES, and with that being said, the post-season terrain could become crowded and before the game the WES fans said they were playing to get into the tournament, but after tonight they look like the team on the way in if GDS is not careful they will out in the early rounds…..

Two that appear to be headed in the opposite direction and the second meeting between these two teams on both the boys and girls sides is going to be very interesting….

Can the GDS men gain the season sweep and put themselves in a position to win the State Title and can the GDS women find a way to slow down and control the WES girls when the two clubs collide again???

Good job by WES athletic director Glen Foster to pull of the big setup for this big Game Night and he was doing double-duty, as he was the Trojans girls basketball coach in the winning locker room this evening…Good job Glen Foster….

And a good night for high school basketball in High Point on Eastchester Drive…..

Click Below for Post-game interview with Greensboro Day School coach Freddy Johnson….


  1. So does GDS move into the top ten now nationally? What a splendid game. That Dillard kid might have turned some heads tonight. Jalen Johnson needs more then 2 points. GDS had an all around attack. And as for defense? Holding a team with 2 surefire ACC players in Giles and Childress(wake forest commit) and Kwe Parker and Jalen Johnson both holding ACC offerss…Holding them to under 50 points is pretty remarkable. I think that coach at WES needs to figure things out. Clearly they have more talent, so clearly they gpt out coached. I cant expect GDS to pull off the sweep….but then again, I dont think anybody truly thought they could go into Wes and get that win either. Congrats to those Bengals…that was HUGE! Talk about them having a perfect season might soon surface…..until then
    -Dickie Harter

  2. GDS played 9 players and each contributed at a high level. WES only played 7 and neither bench player provided any support. WES only has 2 guards and 1 guy that can score in the paint. If you take away their perimeter shooting, then they are in trouble. GDS actually played too fast for WES tonight. The WES guards need to learn how to run the floor on both ends with better control. WES may have the “high end” talent but GDS clearly has and played with more heart.

  3. Yup. Couldn’t agree with you more. Heart is a stat that cannot be measured in a box score. So though it’s easy to look at a box score, some things just don’t show up. Coach K is coming to watch Harry Giles to look at things that don’t show up in the box score and to show support. If we recruited kids off box scores, there would be no need to go watch them. Just offer the kid who scores or rebounds the most. Harry plays with heart. I think the rest of the team outside of maybe Childress(whose father knows ball obviously) play a bit to “cool” to get it done in a tough game. Pretty boys with cool YouTube highlights. While GDS plays old school. Old school team with heart beats the new school YouTube sensations more times then not. GDS walks around the hallways at school in a defensive stance. They will be top ten nationally because of it. Freddy Johnson is the high school version of coach K.

  4. Andy I love Reggie Dillard but I’m sure little brother Will would like credit for what he did in the game last night…WILL Dillard and Trevor Mayo had 9 points each…

  5. Coach Johnson is a legend. He consistently prepares his kids over the decades to play as a team with high character. I am sure Coach K was watching in admiration of how a high school program should be run. Congrats to both Wesleyan & GDS on a great high school atmosphere.

  6. Wesleyan was exposed as Freddy outcoached him once again! No adjustments made by the Trojans. Relying on athletic ability…

  7. On the name game, If people would go ahead and start calling me Woody(Woody Durham), I might be able to keep/get some of this straight…

    In our efforts to be first to the finish line we sometimes get a few things out of whack…We are often first and we do need to slow down on occasions and get all names on the charts in order and correct….

    Thinking about it more this morning and Greensboro Day slows down the game and they control the game and the players come from different game backgrounds than this, but once they see and learn this is the way for them to have the best chance to win, they are ready to play with the discipline that this type of game requires…

    GDS cuts the game down into small pieces and they make a 32 minute game more like a 24-26 minute game..It takes discipline to pull it off, but they have learned how to do it….

    GDS can run, but they can’t run with a team like WES…GDS played smart basketball and the type of game that they needed to play to win…If this game would have been up in the 80’s or 90’s it would have favored WES….

    Got to keep it in the 50’s and like it was mentioned earlier, to keep WES in the 40’s(48), that says a lot right there…

    About 3 years back to this day, WES had a rough go of it at the Greensboro Coliseum in the MLK Day Games and Coach Gatlin made some moves that day and WES went on a run and won the title, let’s see what adjustments both teams make as we hit the stretch run….

    Great game, but a different type of game that we usually see last night, but when GDS plays like that, the results are usually the same….Bottom line they get the job done…

  8. CONGRATS GDS… This is just another typical performance from the best TEAM in the State, by the best coach in the state..These kids from GDS always, year after year play tough defense to make up for lack of size or speed against the likes of WES, to win games like the one last night..Realistically, will it be enough to beat them two more times…It wasn’t last year or two years ago, with arguably better teams with Christian Hairston and Reggie Dillard, plus Agba…But, if they play defense like they did last night, and WES continues to have no contribution from the bench or show more depth, and continue to rely simply on “athletism”, they will get beat everytime…Congrats to the Bengals, well deserved as always…What a great TEAM, School and I am proud to be a Bengal today…

  9. Basketball fan,

    You spelled athleticism like a 6th grader.

    Yours truly

    -Dickie Harter

  10. @ Dickie Harter

    And? I didn’t know you were such the critical English professor..And that is what you got from my blog about a highly contested, great HS basketball game played in our area…Such class…Yours truly as well…Sorry I made a quick mistake on my rough draft, PROFESSOR…

  11. @ Dickie Harter..

    Oh BTW, in your very first post in this segment, you spelled got, “gpt”. So you may want to go back to 6th grade yourself, or watch how you respond to people or just get the heck off these blogs..Either one is fine with me PROFESSOR…

  12. Basketball Fan,

    Everybody knows the difference between a common typo and the fact that you really didnt know how to spell a word. Thank you for reading my posts to try your hardest to look for a grammatical error. You must have a lot of time on your hands. Have a happy new year đŸ™‚

    -Dickie Harter

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