Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight(1/21/15):East Forsyth at Southwest Guilford TONIGHT

*****Here is one for you with East Forsyth at Southwest Guilford 6pm for girls and boys at 7:30pm….The Cone kids have been playing strong for the East boys and this might be a good battle/war with the Cones vs. the Langleys and you hope nobody ends up at Moses C.’s place after the game, but it should be a battle/war…Mike Muse has found a way to win with these Eagles after losing a few kids to transfer…SWG can not be looking ahead to Friday night when NWG comes calling to “The Ranch”….Now’s not the time to be laying an egg in the ‘Eagles Nest’/basket…..Here is a good quip to close out this game call, “Coach Shavers will have his ‘little Shavers’ ready to play tonight….*****

I don’t really see anything out there on the horizon for tonight/Wednesday/January 21, but we do have games coming up on Thursday/tomorrow/Jan. 22, with Eastern Guilford at McMichael, Vandalia Christian at Sheets Memorial and the American Hebrew Academy @ Carolina Friends (Durham, NC)…..

More on these games and at least one of our Rockingham crews/schools in action on Thursday…..

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  1. The Southwest Guilford versus East Forsyth game got rescheduled for tonight at Southwest.

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