Joey Gladson and the Smith Golden Eagles Wrestling Team(31-5) might be going places:Kenneth Brown Jr. reporting

Since Joey Gladson joined the Smith Golden Eagles’ Wrestling team, two years ago as their top assistant coach, this team has really taken off and now they might really be going places and here is the Wednesday night report from Kenneth Brown Jr., ‘Inside the Eagles’ Nest’….(A “Note from the Nest”)

The Smith Wrestling Team took on Southern Alamance. A win tonight would solidify the Eagles Chances of going to State Playoffs for the first time in a while. The Eagles won (40-29; 3-1).

This is the same win that two years ago failed to win a match. This is the same team that went 9-18 last year. This same team is now 31-5. How’s that for a comeback? The Eagles will host a tournament Saturday after traveling to Bishop McGuinness tomorrow.


  1. I can say for a fact Mr. Gladson is one of the most stand up men you could ever meet. He is all about helping others. He would give you the shirt off his back if it was to help someone, anyone, friend, or stranger. I have run into some of the Smith wrestlers and you want to talk about gentlemen. They were yes sir/ no sir and very polite. Things are changing as far as Smith wrestling goes. Congrats to Smith wrestling team and Coach Gladson and Coach Snell. Keep working hard. It is worth every bit of blood, sweat, and tears in the end. Who ever the head coach is you have been blessed with 2 assistant coaches that other coaches would sell the farm for.

  2. We are so excited about the progression of Coach Ellison’s team has made since his take over as Head Wrestling Coach. The Wrestler’s parents participation and the assistants of the other coaches deserve a round of “applause.” Great job Smith Wrestling Team and Coach Torry Ellison for a great year! We hope we make the Playoffs.

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