New High School Basketball Polls for the Week of 1/23/15

High School Basketball Polls for this week

Boys Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(16-1)
2)Eastern Guilford(14-3)
4)Southwest Guilford(14-4)
6)Northern Guilford(11-7)
10)Looking for suggestions?

Girls Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(17-0)
3)Northern Guilford(14-4)
4)High Point Andrews(11-3)
6)Eastern Guilford(12-4)
7)Southeast Guilford(11-4)
8)Southwest Guilford(9-8)
9)Northeast Guilford(7-9)
10)Southern Guilford(8-8)

Boys Combined Poll
1)Greensboro Day School(25-0)
3)Northwest Guilford(16-1)
4)Eastern Guilford(14-3)
6)Southwest Guilford(14-4)
7)High Point Christian(13-11)
10)Bishop McGuinness(13-5)

Boys Private School Poll
1)Greensboro Day School(25-0)
3)High Point Christian(13-11)
4)Bishop McGuinness(13-5)
5)New Hope Christian Academy(10-6)
6)Forsyth Country Day(15-11)
7)Vandalia Christian School(15-3)
8)Westchester Country Day(8-5)
9)New Garden Friends School(5-11)
10)TIE:Caldwell Academy(7-15)/Oak Ridge Military(3-6)

Girls Private School Poll
1)New Hope Christian Academy(22-2)
2)Bishop McGuinness(10-6)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(9-9))
4)Greensboro Day School(20-5)
5)Caldwell Academy(16-6))
6)Vandalia Christian School(9-6)
7)High Point Christian Academy(8-11)
8)Forsyth Country Day(5-9)
9)New Garden Friends School(0-6)
10)Oak Ridge Military Academy(0-5)
*****Westchester Country Day(No Team)*****

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  1. Northern just lost last night(to Eastern Alamance) and Eastern beat EA, so things do change on a week-to-week basis..WES has a record way inferior to the GDS girls, but WES just beat them on Tuesday…WES has to be rated higher, it was a decisive win….Dudley beat Bishop girls and Bishop is a quality team rated ahead of WES…

    We could go on and on, but there has to be some reasoning and I think we have most of it right for this week…NG wins last night, they would still be ranked ahead of Dudley….

    Like we said you see the ball and poll moving from night to night and week to week…I saw EG beat EA and EA has a good team, but they are not a powerhouse and they did beat NG last night…NG will be back, they have a good pair of seniors in Wilson and Johnson and some good young talent in Cunane, Lomax, and Furlough…

    We are on top of this, just trust me….

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