New News and Record Top Ten Polls with both boys and girls from Joe Sirera and J.P. Mundy on this Monday

Here are the new high school Top Ten Basketball Polls from the News and Record this week by way of Joe Sirera and J.P. Mundy and on the girls side you have Northwest Guilford(18-0) still at #1, Northern Guilford at #2 and Dudley at #3….

CLICK HERE to see all teams in the N&R’s girls high school basketball poll….

On the boy’s side you have Greensboro Day School(26-0) at #1, Wesleyan Christian Academy #2 and the Northwest Guilford Vikings at #3….Not too far behind, you will find Page and Southwest Guilford…

See all of the teams in the boy’s poll from the News and Record when you CLICK HERE…..


  1. Exolain to me how Dudley can be ranked ahead of Grimsley when they lost to the whirlies head to head and also have a worse record? Doesn’t make sense. Obviously these “writers” don’t do their homework

  2. please explain to me how Dudley can be ranked ahead of Grimsley when the whirlies beat them and also have a better record?? These so called writers don’t do their homework

  3. How is Eastern Guilford ranked below Page and Southwest when they beat both of those teams and have a better record than both teams?

  4. @Confused and Also Confused

    It isn’t writers not doing their homework, it’s a coaches’ poll if you read the News & Record’s website. So maybe it’s the coaches not doing their homework. Gee, that never happens, does it? (Eight-quarter rule, anyone?)

  5. @Wow Not a coach, but used to be in another state before I got out of the business. I won more games than I lost and all of my players were eligible and on track to graduate or they didn’t set foot on the court. Can some of the football and basketball coaches around here say that?

    My boys top 10 this week:

    1. Greensboro Day — unbeaten and have a win over No.2, a no-brainer.
    2. Wesleyan — most talented starting five and all four losses to nationally ranked teams, but GDS is the better TEAM.
    3. Northwest — still the best public school team around until/unless Page proves otherwise, although I’d take the Pirates in a matchup now with Hill-Mais back.
    4. Page — what are they 9-1 or 10-1 since Hill-Mais regained his eligibility? Bad losses were early when X wasn’t playing and they were still getting over Ty Graves’ abrupt departure.
    5. Eastern Guilford — good wins (Page, without X, Southwest and McMichael) and bad losses (big to Eastern Alamance and McMichael and to, ugh, Western Guilford). Let’s see what they do vs. Northern on Friday.
    6. Southwest Guilford — another team with some very good wins (Northwest last Friday) and bad losses (by 30-plus at Page). This ranking could be too high or too low depending on which Cowboys team shows up on a given night.
    7. Smith — inconsistent, with good wins and bad losses, but Aaron Simpson is a man.
    8. High Point Christian — yeah, their record isn’t very good, but look who they’ve lost to. Schedule is brutal, and injuries to Mike Provenzano and Ben Robertson have been killer. If both get healthy, they’ll take one from GDS or Wesleyan.
    9. Grimsley — Third-best Guilford County team (don’t sleep on Southern Alamance) in a bad Metro 4-A much like football. Whirlies did beat Dudley, but that’s no achievement this year.
    10. Northern Guilford — young team struggled early before Tre Marsh and his football brethren settled in, but Bill Chambers has coached them up to seven wins in a row. Let’s see what they do Friday night vs. Eastern.

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