Game Report on Grimsley-Smith Boys Basketball with John Puryear hitting for 29 Whirlie points

Grimsley 75, Smith 60
End of 3 quarters:Grimsley 53, Smith 47…Halftime:Grimsley 30, Smith 29….Smith was down 30-12 when I got to the Bob Sawyer Gym and they went on a 17=0 run to cut the lead to one at the half and the Smith Golden Eagles took the lead in the second half, but Grimsley took control of the game….John Puryear with 29 points and then lots of Grimsley balance after that…

Grimsley scoring:John Puryear 29 points, Bruce Davis with 9, Aaron Wiggins with 8, Jayme Williams with 8, Michael Featherston with 7, Mason Moore with 7, Nick Moore with 6 and Austin Inge with 1 for Grimsley…

Smith scoring:Aaron Simpson with 24 points, Jumaul Wallace with 9, Raymon Pratt with 8, Myles White with 8, Kendric Lowe with 6 and Cameron Dargon with 5 points….

Records will follow in just a few….

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  1. I understand the Puryear kid has been accepted accademically to App State, very good student. Someone call the coach up there and tell them he has anouther Frank Eaves available

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