Quayson Williams(EG) makes the Brian Hall/Liz Crawford, Danny Harnden/Kevin Connolly, Brian Formica, Mike Solarte, Jerry Wolford “Shot of the Night”

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Eastern Guilford’s Quayson Williams made the “Shot of the Night”, it doesn’t matter what outlet you call, call Brian Hall or Liz Crawford over at WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, call Danny Harnden and Kevin Connolly at WGHP FOX 8 Sports, call Brian Formica at WXII TV 12 Sports or Mike Solarte and Sharon Stone at Time Warner Cable on TV 45, or the top photo man that was on Spencer Dixon Road tonight, Jerry Wolford from the News and Record…

Quayson Williams had what may be the “Shot of the Month”, the “Shot of the Year” or the “Shot to end all Wild Shots”, but for sure this Quayson Williams shot was “The Shot of Night”….

Can anybody top this one tonight???

Williams runs toward the sidelines at Northern Guilford, near the Eastern Guilford bench and he pushes off of the floor and leaps into the air trying to save the ball in bounds so it won’t go out off of Eastern and he not only saves the ball, he saves the ball and sends it up into the air toward his own basket and the ball goes in….

Yes, as he is trying to save the ball, he not only saves it, he ends up making the shot….It was like the ball traveled down the baseline, just in bounds, but in the AIR and the ball is sent into the bucket, it is a BASKET….

The basketball goes in on a SAVE attempt and Williams has the “Shot of the Night”…..

Ask anybody that was there and they will tell you, it was the “Shot of the Night”….He had to be strong to get the elevation he needed to save the ball and then the heave to save, becomes ‘The Heave’ that goes in….

That was some kind of shot/save and maybe one of the TV stations will have this one on the 11 o’clock news/sports….

I have to call this the “Shot of the Night” and way to hit headlines Quayson Williams….

More to follow on tonight’s games when you keep it here….

We also found another point guard to add to our very good point list tonight and have seen some real good ones this season in Hayley Barber at Northwest Guilford, Tamera Thorpe at Greensboro Day School, LeeAysia Williamson has impressed us at Eastern Guilford(12 points in the second quarter this evening), Lashonda Monk runs most of the point for Southwest Guilford and does an incredible job and we have being seeing good work from Essence Abraham at Dudley and you can add in Kayla Phifer at Southeast Guilford and sometimes the Falcons use a bit of a hybrid with Phifer and Breana Hardnett and Hardnett had one her best games of the season, the other night at Dudley….

But tonight it was time tune into the “Sydney Wilson Show”….Not the Flip Wilson Show, this was the “Sydney Wilson Show” and she nearly stole the show out at Northern Guilford tonight….Wilson came up with 29 for her Northern Guilford Nighthawks and she made key free throws, she stole passes and got rebounds and just had an all-around outstanding game….

On one play she drove into the lane and hit the layup/shot and in the blink of an eye she stole the inbounds pass and then she ended up in the floor with somebody from the other team on top of her arm….

Wilson gets some quick ice, but she can’t stay out of the game long, because it appears her teammates are lost without her out their running the Nighthawks show, which in turn, is the “Sydney Wilson Show”….Northern needed her back in the game and she came back in to finish our the game….Her team probably could have made some adjustments and survived the ending without her, but they just did not seem to be the same team on the floor without Sydney Wilson out there with them and they need Sydney Wilson running the offense to really click like they need to click….

Northern has lost two conference games and Wilson missed those two games and her team suffered without her out there on the floor….

Wilson makes things happen and she used to be pretty much just a distributor, but now she looks to score and dish too and she takes the ball to the hole/basket with authority….She hits the lane quick and hard and she does not miss many of those right side layups….

Wilson is #10, but she is the one that makes Northern run….She gets the job done and she has fun living on the basketball court….Want to take her game on to college and two of the schools in the running for her services are Guilford College and Bridgewater College…..

Those two games that Northern lost in the Mid-State 3-A Conference were to Eastern Alamance 36-35 and to Rockingham County 60-49 and Sydney did not play in those games…She was sitting out on a two-game suspension for an altercation that occurred in a previous game and this was a Mid-State 3-A Conference mandate…
Wilson got into an altercation on the court and was playing too hard and got into a scrap…

This kid is tough and she will not slow down….You have to love her effort and you also have to love how she had stepped up her offense this season…Tonight when she got injured and had to sit out a few minutes her team was not the same without her and when she had to sit out those two conference games, her team could not win without her…

I have always been a big Sydney Wilson found and tonight I gained an increased respect for the she does after talking to her at length after the game….

Wilson is the One if you need to get the job done at Northern Guilford…..

I was checking at MaxPreps for some scores and here’s what they had on the NG-EG girls tonight:
Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville, NC)
Location: Northern Guilford High School
Box Score
109 – 84…..109-84, this game took on a life of its own soon after it was over at 69-55….

More hoops talk out here and how did the Smith boys make that comeback on Dudley???

That was a huge win for Smith at Dudley and especially with Tristan Scurlock gone for the year from Smith and with Aaron Simpson ailing going into the game…..

How did Smith do this???

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  1. Haven’t found any video of “The Shot” by Q. Williams from last night’s game, but here’s one of his better shots that did go in….


    You have to click on the last shot in the photo gallery to get his look, as they don’t have separate ID’s for the photos…..Click on the very last photo and you will get Quayson…

  2. Boys:Eastern Guilford 72, Northern Guilford 62

    Game report on Eastern Guilford-Northern Guilford boys:
    Eastern Guilford scoring-Quayson Williams 30 points, Terrell Pickett with 16 points, Tre McLean 11, Khalil Cole 7, Kyrie Lundy with 4 and Montez Venable with 4 points…

    Northern Guilford boys:Josh Gibson with 16 points, Sam Hildreth with 11, Tre Marsh with 10, Andy Pack with 10, Jarrett Boyd with 8, Max Maynard with 3, Karmani Bonds with 2 and Jack Emerick with 2….

    Girls:Northern Guilford 69, Eastern Guilford 55

    Girls scoring from the NG-EG game…
    Northern Guilford scoring:Sydney Wilson with 29 points, Elissa Cunane with 15, Kasey Johnson with 13, Kassie Robakiewicz with 8 and Kelly Lomax with 4….

    Eastern Guilford scoring:Leeaysia Williamson with 16 points, Callie Patterson with 12, Jazmine Harris with 12, Ariel Sheares with 11 and Aja Tyler with 4 points….

  3. To echo Taylor’s comment Quayson Williams has to be the Player of the Year in the Mid-State 3A conference. There are several very good players in the conference, EG’s Trae McLean included, but nobody dominates the game the way Williams does. And regardless of who ends up winning the conference, the Coach of the Year has to be EG’s Joseph Spinks. EG plays most games with 4 guards, one being a freshman, on the court the majority of he game. Coach Spinks and Coach Dudley have took what they have and turned them into a true team that plays from baseline to baseline from start to finish. Looking forward to the trip to Mebane next Friday night! GO WILDCATS!

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