Game Report on Tonight’s Wesleyan-Greensboro Day School Four Overtime Game:Trojans prevail 52-50(WES’s Kwe Parker broken foot out two months)

from Kwe Parker(Wesleyan) today on Twitter:”Broke my foot out for 2 months”…..

Two free throws by Brandon Childress end it and Wesleyan Christian Academy tops Greensboro Day School 52-50 in four OT’s….

The game was tied 48-48 at the end of regulation and then both teams two points each in the first overtime and then there was no scoring whatsoever until with just three seconds left in the 4th Overtime and that is when Childress connected on the two free tosses….

52-50 was your final and WES led 15-14 at the end of the first quarter and then WES goes up 32-25 at the half, but the GDS Bengals came out red-hot to start the second half and they not only tie the score up, they take the lead in the game, but WES moves back in front 39-38 after three quarters of play….Then we saw the 48-48 final at the end of 32 minutes and then it was time to play four extra periods….48 minutes this evening and here’s how the scoring went and Kwe Parker did not see any action at all for WES tonight, as he was down with what looks to be a possible hairline fracture in his foot….Will Dillard saw very limited action for Greensboro Day, as he was spending long sessions with the Bengals’ trainer to kick a cramp….That cramp was killing Will..

Back to scoring:
Winning Wesleyan was led by Harry Giles with 24 points…Brandon Childress added 10 points and those game-winning free throws, Michael Buckland had 8 points, Jalen Johnson had 6 and TJ Jackson had 4 for the Trojans…Nate Blakeney got the start in the place of Kwe Parker…

Greensboro Day School scoring….Big night for Trevor Mayo with 17 points and much of the night Mayo was assigned with guarding Harry Giles…Peter Agba added 12 for GDS, Jordan Perkins had 6, Darius Moore had 4, John Newman had 3, JP Moorman and Marquelle McIntyre with 2 a-piece and Will Dillard with 1 point….Moore and Dillard were held well their average, but Dillard had that cramp to deal with….Jordan Perkins did a good job coming in off of the bench for the Bengals…

It might just be me, but I can see Harry Giles being a dominant factor among the high school teams down deep in the post…It seemed like tonight and again maybe it is just me, but Giles was playing more like he was a guard and with his size he seems better suited to dominate down by the bucket, but basketball has changed and now the big men are becoming ball handlers and work in a similar fashion to how the guards work and play, but with Giles, I don’t how he can be stopped 2-3 from the rim….He might be working on a few things for college and if that is the case, then the future is what you have to prepare for and I am out of touch with what is going on in that regard and the most important thing is to keep playing hard and Giles and his team have been doing that, nice win, but you have to say and must be ready to agree with on this one, “It Took A While”……

GDS now(27-2) and WES is (25-4)….

The girls final was GDS over WES 49-29 and Tamera Thorpe had an unreal game for the Bengals….She had 26 points and hit something like 10 free throws and there wasn’t much that Thorpe was not doing right tonight…Gloria Smith-Bunch pumped in 9 points for the Bengals….


  1. I was extremely privileged to make it to this one. What a great game. That Harry Giles…..Hes an NBA All-Star. GDS is good. But WES was just two free throws better. Great game

    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Kwe Parker got the start tonight. Nate Blakeney started over Michael Buckland. Kwe came out about 2 minutes into the game with what looks like a broken foot. But he did start and he did play, if only briefly.

  3. Yes, I had Parker on my starting sheet and then he disappeared and the word at the scorer’s table at the end was the bad foot….I was asking some people during the game “what happened to Parker….

    Buckland ended up having a pretty good game….

  4. Great game tonight for both the Bengals & the Trojans. Proud of all the kids who participated. That Giles kid is going to be special. Kind of comical quotes by Wesleyan coach Keith Gatlin talking about “respect” in the News & Record article. He must be living in a convoluted world since he has 4 d1 starters & a future Pro. Kind of a sign of insecurity by the coach at Wesleyan. I wish both Greensboro Day & Wesleyan all the best. I hope to see another HS bball thriller this year.

    Shame is couldn’t have been played in a larger venue
    like Fleming Gym or Coliseum Special Event Center so more people could have witnessed the game. Was a shame someone had to lose the game. We all got our moneysworth.

  6. Can’t believe nobody is talking about the foul called at the end of the game. Is it just me or do you call a foul on a rugby scrum with 3 seconds remaining. I would love to hear what Freddy thought of it. A tremendous game that had all kinds of twists and turns. GDS certainly had shots to win. Giles erased several opportunities. I want to see GDS-WES III.

  7. Two top level elite teams nationally… does no one score in multiple overtime periods….did one team hold the ball like back in the day before a shot clock….or can these kids not shoot the ball? Not cracking on anybody just real curious as to what went on for no one to score for more than 10 minutes….obviously defense was at a premium….

  8. appy, look at the news-record online pictures from the game. Guy was getting mauled, it has to be called. GDS just isn’t used to being on the other end of late game calls.

  9. 4 overtime periods in high school basketball at 4 minutes per overtime is equivalent to 2 quarters or one half of a basketball game with the score of 4-2! So yes, there was way too much holding on to the ball and further proof of how a shot clock would have helped end a great game between 2 great teams a little earlier. The boys were exhausted.

  10. Great bunch of kids who worked hard in those games last night…

    You see their faces and read what they had to say after the games and you realize, they are just kids and they are just playing ball..

  11. Couple of observations: 1- As a general bball fan of neither school, you don’t want to see the game end on a 94-foot foul game that neither gave an advantage or disadvantage to the kid with the ball. The best thing the ref could have done was a no call. Needless to say, both teams had numerous opportunities to win the game before the call. Wesleyan was the better team that night. It is good to see two quality teams here in Guilford County. 2 – I think in over time both teams were tired and wanted the last shot. I was at the High Point Christian vs Wesleyan game and got to see Wesleyan hold the ball the entire 4th quarter with superior talent. I would prefer to see 2 minute over time periods, since high school aged kids are exhausted at that point. 3 – All the kids played their hearts out. 4 – I agree with Seth above about his “respect” comment.

  12. Too bad Greensboro Day School decided to gouge the crowd by charging $10 for this game instead of the usual $5.

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