Looking at those Magic Numbers from the Tuesday night games for the Boys and Girls High School Basketball action

Going with 15 for the boys and 12 points for the girls as we hit the MAGIC numbers coming in from those Tuesday night games….We will continue our listings by beginning with the ladies first…

20:Essence Abraham(Dudley)
20:Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford)
20:Michelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford)
20:Danielle Nieters(Bishop McGuinness)
20:J’nai Millner(Morehead)
18:Kelly Lomax(Northern Guilford)
18:Sierra Brown(Southern Guilford)
15:Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
15:Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford)
15:Breana Hardnett(Southeast Guilford)
15:Khayla Miller(Southern Guilford)
15:Shakera Brown(Morehead)
14:Savannah Neas(Northwest Guilford)
14:Nokomis Williams(Southern Guilford)
14:Kara Straite(Dudley)
13:Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day School)
13:Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School)
13:Anna Peterson(Grimsley)
13:Kiara Harrison(Dudley)
13:Bailey Kargo(Page)
13:Breanna Evans(Eastern Alamance)
12:Bria Gibbs(Northwest Guilford)
12:Hailey Diaz-Allen(Southeast Guilford)
12:Tessa Johnston(Bishop McGuinness)
12:Tamani Manning(Smith)
*****Kelly Lomax with 4 steals for Northern Guilford and looking for more numbers for this post….Dinah Neal with three assists and 5 rebounds for Northeast Guilford HS…*****

34:MJ Phifer(Morehead)
29:Jake Hedgecock(Rockingham County)
24:Josh Gibson(Northern Guilford)
24:Justin Dorestt(Southeast Guilford)
24:Malcolm Summers(Eastern Alamance)
23:Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)
22:Breon Cuthrell(Northeast Guilford)
22:Drew Cone(East Forsyth)
21:Tre McLean(Eastern Guilford)
21:Nick Moore(Grimsley)
21:Michael Giles(Western Guilford)
19:Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford)
19:Jalen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
18:Jalen Seegars(Page)
17:Madison Cone(East Forsyth)
16:Orlando Smith(Southwest Guilford)
16:Xavier Hill-Mais(Page)
16:Tyrece Cheek(Smith)
16:Tre Marsh(Northern Guilford)
16:TJ Parker(Ragsdale)
16:Rashad Reed(Eastern Alamance)
15:Peter Agba(Greensboro Day School)
15:Trevor Mayo(Greensboro Day School)
15:Keshawn Baldwin(Southeast Guilford)
15:Demetreius Butler(Western Guilford)
15:Rashawn Perkins(Morehead)
15:Cameron Mack(East Forsyth)
*****11 Rebounds for Jaylen Gainey from Smith High School….Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford) with 5 steals, 4 assists and 3 rebounds to go along with his 23 points for the Wildcats…Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford) with 14 points and 10 rebounds….Reggie Davis(NWG) with 11 points and 10 rebounds…Orlando Smith(Southwest Guilford) with 8 rebounds….
Ben Ferguson(SWG) with 6 rebounds….Kaymon Mitchell(SWG) with 6 rebounds….KJ Langley(SWG) with 6 assists….John Brewer(Caldwell Academy) had 13 points, 9 rebounds & 8 assists last night in a loss(Trinity School of Durham) and it was the last game of John’s high school career….Wish JB continued success, as he heads down the basketball road…..
We are in the process of adding in more numbers….*****

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