By the time we finally get HS basketball going again, it will be over two weeks since some of our teams have played a game:”Let’s Play Two?”

I asked a coach last week if he would like for us to set up a scrimmage for his team last Saturday and he said he felt like he couldn’t do that, but he sure was looking forward to getting back into practice last Saturday morning or afternoon….

It is just about time we start devising and planning some emergency practices or games, because for some of our Guilford County teams, they have not played a game in over two weeks…

That’s right, some of our teams from here in Guilford County last played a basketball game two weeks ago and if we finally get going again on Wednesday, it will be over two weeks since they have played…

We are talking about the Mid-State 3-A with Northern Guilford, Eastern Guilford, Northeast Guilford and the like, plus the several of the Piedmont Triad 4-A teams are in that same boat/pickle with Southwest Guilford being one of those teams…(Teams finished up their regular season on Tuesday February 10 and all conference tournaments were cancelled last week.)

No games in over two weeks, that is a LONG layoff and equates, or comes out to, right at half a month and in sports terms, that proves to be an eternity in some cases….

A long time OFF, you would have to say and it is just about time to PLAY again….

Let’s play on Wednesday, what do you say and if all goes crazy again, we may have to bring back the old Ernie Banks(Chicago Cubs) mantra and say, “Let’s Play Two”(On the same day/night.)……..