North Carolina Tar Heels’ coach Roy Williams relegated to assistant coach status for this year’s NCAA Tournament

According to the NCAA Tournament Basketball program/media guide, coach Roy Williams, the UNC Tar Heels head coach, has been relegated or demoted to the point where he is now the assistant coach for the Heels in this year’s 2015 NCAA Tournament….

CLICK HERE for this “must see” moment….You don’t see changes like this every day and we are still 13 days away from April 1, but if you click on below, you will know when you go, and this will show even the average Joe, it don’t matter if you are a college guy or pro, sometimes the ole’ thinking piece, also known as the “brain”, starts to working a bit slow…

CLICK HERE and you will see what we are talkin’ about….Need we say moe, Doug???
(This is one of those rare tid-bits here)…For some they will say it may be rare, but they still don’t care and that’s OK too, just check it and see what you think….