Saw this today and it got me wondering about the NCAA Tournament Champions:Looking back to 1988 with ‘Danny and the Miracles’

Saw this info today over at and they were talking about the SMU loss to UCLA and the big three’s from Steve Alford’s son Bryce and the goaltending call that settled the game in UCLA’s favor and then this part came up and it just got to wondering and wandering once again….

SMU’s first tournament appearance since 1993 meanwhile ended with some players walking around in disbelief and others pounding the court in frustration and disappointment. The loss spoiled Hall of Famer Larry Brown’s first college postseason since leading Kansas to the 1998 title.

Didn’t the Kansas Jayhawks win the title back in 1988 with ‘Danny and the Miracles’??? Danny Manning and Larry Brown in 1988 and not in 1998, as was stated at above…

Might be a little picky, but it has to get your attention and get you thinking back to “Danny and the Miracles’…..