Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball Tonight for (4/2/15) Finals::SEG over NWG, SWG tops RAG, SG gets past SWR, WES and HPCA remain unbeaten

Southeast Guilford 4, Northwest Guilford 0
Bailey Steed with a three-hit shutout for SEG….SEG(7-4)/NWG(7-2)
Southwest Guilford 1, Ragsdale 0
Southern Guilford 4, Southwestern Randolph 3…(9 Innings)
Wesleyan Christian Academy 16, Forsyth Country Day 3…(5 Innings)
High Point Christian Academy 13, Davidson Day 0
High Point Central 9, Ledford 6
Chatham Central 2, Western Guilford 1
Uwharrie Charter 6, Graham 2

JV Baseball:
Southwest Guilford 14, Ragsdale 2

Western Guilford 13, Eastern Guilford 2
Ragsdale 10, High Point Central 7
Ragsdale (5-5/1-3)
Northern Guilford 3, Southwest Guilford 1
NG(10-0/9-0) SWG(5-5-1_


  1. Sort of crazy how two of the Top Dogs, NWG and Ragsdale both fell last night…SEG went out to NWG and beat the Vikings 9-0 last year and it may be one of those things where SEG has NWG’s number right now…

    Easter Break is on….Some teams to the road, headed down toward Wilson and others staying closer to home…

  2. Tommy Michaels and Bailey Steed are two of the best SR pitchers around that have yet signed or committed to a college. They both have outpitched pitchers that are signed
    sealed and delivered to D1 schools. Fact is these two SEG kids have the same or better velocity than the highly touted pitchers have shown. Michaels and Steed can pitch– they both have movement on the FB and both have great offspeed stuff with the ability to hit their spots. Both have good mound presence. The Stalker does not lie. Some college coach will find them soon– maybe at Grasshopppers Stadium April 8 – April 11.

  3. Steed threw a great game last night against a good team! Agreed. And hope he does get a solid offer because he is terrific kid who works hard. but 83-85 is not 88-93. How many strikeouts did SE’s lineup of college bound hitters have? Twelve, I believe. No doubt SE was the better team last night, but you may want to see those D-1 guys throw more than once before you formulate an opinion. The occasional lifting of a stalker by a PA announcer does. Apparently, lie.

  4. SE was clearly the better team last night. Congrats to them on a good win. Steed was outstanding, and best of luck to him on getting a scholly. But, I don’t think many people who saw that game would come away thinking he is better than Aker. Steed clearly has outstanding velocity. He wasn’t throwing as hard as Aker. SE sure has some kids that can swing the bat. NW is just not a very good hitting team, at least at this point. They’re struggling offensively.

  5. More informed,
    You may wanna find out who Charlie Pannell is before you tell him to watch those kids throw more! College bound or not, SE is bester than NW, from top to bottom!

    Vegas Mike

  6. Taking nothing away from Steed – hopefully somebody will land that young man. He is no Aker! Best I can remember those hits didn’t add up to much. Se just overall better team last night. Aker has proven he is what henis made out to be… Stud pitcher! He has pitched and shut down some of the best d1 prospects at Perfect Game over and over . Jupiter lights out. Don’t compare pears to apples!

  7. Lets see how SEG would fair against Wesleyan or HPCA. Those 2 teams would love a chane at any pitcher SEG has but no worries, they won’t think of scheduling a High Point team.

  8. Greensboro Baseball,
    They just schedule powerhouse 2A Randleman, State 4A runner up Richmond co, Strong NG, strong Providence Grove, always a contender Davie co and Strong NWG. Please bring any of those recruiting Private schools on over to Forest Oaks so they can get a taste of Powerhouse baseball…done the right way!!

    Vegas Mike

  9. Lol, ok. If you really only knew. I give Dudley, RJR, Trinity and North Davidson a lot of respect for playing those HP teams. Many public schools but not all are just worried about their wins and losses instead of playing the best local talent that they can. When your consistently told “My schedule is full” that pretty much tells the story. Have your coach call us and schedule a game. I personally don’t care to watch 15-0 games. I’d much rather play the top local teams in close games win or loss.

  10. Could see WES vs. SEG in the finals of the Farm Bureau Tournament downtown next week…

  11. Greensboro Baseball,
    I can assure you that no one from Southeast Guilford is scared to schedule a High Point team. There is a reason why public schools don’t schedule private schools, why give these private schools the benefit of playing these public schools when they continue to steal public school players? I’m pretty sure that point is made loud and clear across the board in all sports.

    Vegas Mike

  12. @ Vegas Mike- don’t blame the private school for your players leaving!! The family is the one that makes choice to leave. If your public school program was doing what they were suppose to do athletically and academically u wouldn’t have to worry about them leaving. Ask the families why they leave! Just because your program can’t retain your players don’t hate on private schools. Enough said!

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