Game Report on Southern Guilford-Asheboro Baseball:Pitcher’s dual in this one with Wright vs. Sugg and both go the distance

Asheboro – 2
Southern Guilford – 0

WP: Brady Wright (Complete game shutout, 2 Hits, 7 K’s, 1 BB)
LP: Taylor Sugg ( 6 IP, 3 Hits, 1ER, 8 K’s, 1BB)

Leaders: Asheboro – Aaron Garner 1-2, 2 RBI’s, 2B – Parker Clayton 1-2, 1 RS – Cameron Reid 1-2
Southern Guilford – Evan Edwards 2-3

Records: Asheboro 8-4 (6-2) Southern Guilford 5-6 (3-4)


  1. I have watched SG a few times this year and they are not bad at all — If you think all of the positions mentioned above are so bad — maybe you should consider finding another school. By doing so, you wouldn’t have to come on a public forum and bash good kids. The pitcher had an error — big deal, he is an outstanding young man and a very good player.

  2. @Really- THANK YOU for saying those things about our kids.
    @WOW- You continue to pop up with nasty comments often. I have a suggestion. Get with our coach and give him a game plan. Who do you suggest play those positions? You do realize these same kids were in these spots last year when they had the best season this school has ever seen. Wait- we were winning last year and you had nothing to say, correct? Our starters are doing just fine. They are high school children and they will make mistakes. Not to mention each one of those kids has put up with nasty comments this entire season and have kept themselves together. They ALL have great character and that is more than anyone can say for you.

  3. Last nights game was a good game between two good teams. I hate the day after a loss there is someone always hiding behind their computer with such great ideas on how to win more games. Maybe you could enlighten Coach Carter on some of your brilliant thoughts and help our team to victory! As far as our wild side arm pitcher goes I’ll take him anyday and I’m sure the team has more confidence in him than anyone else in the dugout. He is the best we have and you know it.

  4. Southern Guilford is in good hands and many times fans have to realize they played some tough competition and last night just maybe the better arm on that night got the job done and Asheboro has a very good team…

    Last Summer in the American Legion season I kept up with Brady Wright and his team over quite a few games and the kid is very talented and he deserves a lot a credit for what went down last night and he had to have a good team backing him up….

    I wasn’t there, but it sounds like the Wright kid was just a little bit tougher last night and we need to congratulate Asheboro on the win/victory…

    I know Taylor Sugg is good and he has a good arm and a good future, just saw him last week and he is on his way to Carolina next Fall….

    Take your ill wills somewhere else, but stop spreading them on here…I’m sure Coach Carter will listen if you approach him with the right attitude, if you have concerns about this team…

    Keep your heads up SG Storm…You guys have talent and it will come together for you, you just have to keep on believing and your fans have to do the same….

    Don’t stop believing…

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