Headed to the NBA:Are Jones(Duke) and Lacey(State) making the right moves???[“Don’t Be Dumb”, do what Duncan did, go back to college/stay in school”]

Well, are they???

Are Tyus Jones(Duke) and Trevor Lacey(N.C. State) making the right moves, as they leave college and head to the NBA?

Could we see both of them back in school next season, or do you think they are a lock for the NBA and now that they are gone, they are GONE??

They still look a bit weak to me, and not necessarily strong enough to handle the physicality of the National Basketball Association on a night-in, night-out basis and both of these kids look really young and it is just that they still look so much like kids, even though we hear that Lacey is 23 years old….

For that matter, Lacey was never anywhere close to the NBA before this season and who is to say that he would not help his chances for future long-term employment with one more year of college and Jones looks like he could still suit up for my old middle school team, age-wise his looks make him appear younger than some us did back in the 7th and 8th grade…

The measuring stick is former ACC player Tim Duncan….Duncan came back for his last year of college at Wake Forest and look what it did for him….He has had an Hall of Fame career and he has been in the league at least 15 years and for sure, Tim Duncan has never missed a paycheck and every time his contract has come up, Tim Duncan has received the hefty pay raise that he deserves…(The old saying goes, “just one more year baby”.)

Maybe Lacey and Jones will think this over and decide to stay in school…The smart money on both them is to come back to school next season and not go to the NBA…But we live in a changing society and what worked 10-15 years ago, is no longer even an option when these kids see nothing but the quick money….

Do you take whatever you can get and then run to the bank, or do you wait another year or so and have your chauffeur back the Brinks truck up to the driveway and begin unloading the real loot???

I am not sold on the NBA early exits, especially after the way things turned out for Tim Duncan and you look around the league and many of the kids that leave college early for the NBA are in the league 2-3 years and then they are done….

The best money tends to come after you have been in the league a few years and the early money is good, but after you pay the taxes and your agent and your handler and the posse, the early money may be out the window and you could be hurting…

I don’t know either one of these young men’s situations, but I am typing this inside a college library right now and that is where these young men need to be for the next year or two….Believe me, it will pay dividends and if you can wait and get that Tim Duncan Money, do it…

As the professor down the hall in the last room on the right said, right before his tenure was extended to 2020 and then at that point he was seeing and thinking 20-20, “Don’t Be Dumb”, do what Duncan did, go back to college/stay in school”……

Class dismissed……


  1. Someone earlier today had the headline for Jones,

    “Won and Done” and that was a pretty good one there, but I sure wish he would listen to us and come back for one more year, he could use it and Duke could sure use him, just State would love to have Lacey for “just one more year”….

  2. Comment by Smart Move from earlier today on Trevor Lacey at 5:15pm:

    Trevor is 23 years old and is very close to graduating. He is a great shooter and wouldn’t improve much if he came back another year. He lead the nation in isolation scoring, which is pretty much what the NBA is. He may not get drafted but you don’t necessarily have to get drafted to make good money.

  3. I agree with smart move, Lacey does not have much to gain from coming back. His stock is not going to get much higher than it is right now, if he came back he would be a 24 year senior and in today’s market age works against you. It’s getting to be like baseball, the more talented you are the earlier you will be getting paid. If you actually make it to your senior year it is considered that the reason must be that you are the leftovers.

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