Should the NCHSAA take a look at regulating/mandating a pitch count for baseball and softball?????

Topic from today’s RoundTable with Tim Stevens and his group of regulators looking at this issue of mandating a pitch count for high school baseball and softball….Good topic…from Raleigh News and Observer….

Q. Should the NCHSAA go to a pitch count in baseball and softball? Vermont is the only state that has one, but several other states are considering limiting the number of pitches thrown rather than the outs recorded.

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  1. With all the restrictions they have in Football its crazy! Its like they really don’t care what the other sports do.

  2. Shouldn’t need a pitch count rule – what u need is coaches that use there brain!! Throwing a kid 136 for an example (in a local game last week) not including bull pen and warm up. Over 200 pitches! Coaches develop more pitchers and stop trying to ride your ace 2x a week throwing 300 pitches in a 7 day period well in and week out. Parents stand up and don’t allow coaches to do this to your kids!! In other words put in a rule because coaches don’t know how to manage pitchers and obviously don’t care about the health and future of their player!

  3. There are a lot of factors that go into pitching. Different kids have different abilities and what may be a lot for one may not be a lot for another one. Some kids are in better shape and actually work to develop healthy arms while others do nothing. Coaches should be aware of these factors but I don’t know of any high school coaches in our area who would ever intentionally do damage to an arm for a W. I have seen a middle school coach pitch two kids every week like what was mentioned above and use the other as the “closer” when they didn’t start — so it does happen. However, if you have a kid who isn’t pitching a lot in high school — maybe other reasons are involved versus a “bad coach”.

  4. @Pitcher is correct, in that all kids are different. one kid doesn’t settle in until he throws 25 or 30 pitches while another kid starts out ok and then hits a wall at 25-30. some kids can throw everyday while others need 2-3 days rest if throwing 60 or more pitches in a single day. coaches can tell by watching. the body language and the facial expressions will tell you when the tank is empty. the pitch count usually just confirms what your eyes have already told you. bottom line, every pitcher is different. I do agree that 136 is way too much for a teenager.

  5. I think it was Dr James Andrews who said that the best way to protect kids’ arms and decrease the number of injuries/surgeries is to play other sports. Everything is becoming so specialized- kids play school ball during the week and travel ball on weekends, showcase and American Legion (or whatever) in the summer, and fall showcase after that. Mix in whatever camps they may attend in the summer and it’s no wonder their arms are done.

    Kids, especially younger ones, need to have time to rest their arms. Play football, basketball, wrestle, whatever…be an athlete! You will have time for year round sports when you get in college/pro when your body can handle it better.

  6. @Pitcher – I agree with all said. I don’t have a son that plays now- but did pitch in high school and I was closely watchful on his pitch count because coach wasn’t. By doing that it paid off at next level . Valid points – I disagree on the coaches throwing these gets to get a W. I don’t think they do it with any intent to hurt – but there intent is to win with that pitcher on mound and not go to bullpen. I agree pitch counts are great – I guess the point I was making was shouldn’t have to make a rule to prevent coaches from over throwing pitchers. We would hope they would do it without a pitching limit. I seen a game over in High Point last week and watched a kid pitch 7 innings over 120 at least. In the 6th inning u could see tiredness on his face , body language. See signs of pain at times, no one ever thought of taking him out because they wanted the W. Then he throws again 4 days later. Seen something in a game over in Winston last week as well. Obviously pitch count is only way to control coaches that can’t police themselves. Everyone on here very good valid points. Health of the player is priority #1 !!

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