Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball Tonight for (4/23/15)…Grimsley gets first win of the season, WES now (17-0) and HPCA(18-1-1)

Grimsley 11, Smith 3…First win of the season for the Grimsley Whirlies..
Southern Guilford 5, Western Guilford 0
High Point Christian Academy 4, Forsyth Country Day 0…HPCA(18-1-1)
Wesleyan Christian Academy 12, Calvary Baptist 3…WES(17-0)

Southern Guilford 11, Western Guilford 1
West Forsyth 16, Page 0…(5 Innings)
High Point Christian Academy 10, Wesleyan Christian Academy 3


  1. Great Job Whirlies and Coach Flynn. We know you are going to be great for the boys. I remember some great nights at Grimsley High School, watching my son play over there.

    I also remember a few years back checking out Coach Simmons on the third base line. What a cutie.

  2. Next Tuesday and Thursday – going to be the series of the year public or private schools- when Wesleyan and HPCA play. Determine conference champion and winner in series could be #1 seed state playoffs.
    Wesleyan will pound HPCA both games though – Trojans have way more talent. HPCA just a whole bunch of bark no bite!

  3. Wow Trojan Baseball. You really need to get a life it sounds like lol. Why not let the kids play and parents shut their mouth? This is your sons game and not yours. Stop living through him.

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