Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball for today(4/28/15):”The Regular Season is running out”

The regular season for baseball and softball is running out of here this week and don’t forget to get by and see Carmine Pagano at the Carolina Acceleration and begin to set up your Summer and off-season workouts…

For today we have..

High Point Christian Academy(19-1-1) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-0) 6pm
Glenn(10-11/3-5) at High Point Central(3-17/0-8) 6pm
Northeast Guilford(12-8/8-6) at Western Alamance(15-4/10-4) 7pm
Ragsdale(14-6/4-4) at East Forsyth(18-3/7-1) 7pm
Southwest Guilford(12-6/4-4) at Northwest Guilford(11-6/6-2) 7PM
Page(9-8/4-4) at Dudley(14-4-1/5-1) 7pm
Southeast Guilford(14-5/6-0) at Grimsley(1-13/1-7) 7pm
Eastern Guilford(13-7/11-3) at Eastern Alamance(6-13/3-10) 7pm
McMichael(4-14/1-12) at Northern Guilford(12-8/9-5) 7pm
Western Guilford(2-15/1-9) at Southern Guilford(8-7/5-5) 7pm
Smith(2-11/0-8) at Southern Alamance(14-7/6-2) 7pm

Page(11-6/5-3) at Dudley(8-7/3-3) 6pm
Southwest Guilford(10-9/5-3) at Northwest Guilford(12-5/7-1) 6:30pm
McMichael(9-7/7-7) at Northern Guilford(14-2/13-1) 7pm
Glenn(9-8/4-2) at High Point Central(3-11/0-7) 5pm
Northeast Guilford(8-8/7-7) at Western Alamance(5-13/4-10) 6pm
Ragsdale(6-8/2-5) at East Forsyth(8-6/4-4) 6pm
Eastern Guilford(1-17/0-14) at Eastern Alamance(20-1/13-1) 7pm
Southeast Guilford(9-4/6-1) at Grimsley(2-9/1-6) 5:30pm
Southern Guilford(7-8/5-4) at Western Guilford(6-8/3-7) 7pm
Smith(2-11/0-8) at Southern Alamance(16-4/7-1) 7pm


  1. @ Top Gun, what’s the line in your opinion? You must be close to the programs to know the difference so well.

  2. I would like some opinions from the baseball crowd on here about setting up your pitching rotation for this week. For example, does Ragsdale throw their number 1 starter against EF or do you save him for the Glenn game that is an absolute must win? Now your number one is a senior and the Glenn game is at Glenn during their senior night. and what does Glenn do? Do they throw their number 1 against HPC tonight or save him for Ragsdale knowing both of their games are must win this week?

  3. I don’t think anybody throws their #1 against HP Central. Save your 1 for Glenn. Just like NW – save Aker for East Forsyth, that determines conference

  4. Depends who Ragsdale sees at their number one. Welch has been really good all year and it is debatable that he is their number one. Plus he dominated Glenn just two weeks ago.
    Central absolutely has the ability to ruin someone’s season by sneaking up on either SWG or Glenn this week….it could happen.

  5. First SWG goth talk for a team that scored 1 run in two games against Ragsdale. And Welch has pitched well this year but really struggled away at HPC last Friday in a must win game.

  6. SWG….you guys remember Welch right? The kid who shut you guys out about a month back….mighty arrogant for a team with a 4-4 conference record.

  7. We’ll see who finishes in 3rd!! Did you guys not see score from last Friday against #1 team??

    Question is, will Ragsdale still get a wildcard? I think with their record they may squeak in.

  8. Too bad that all this talk dont mean anything because what used to be strongest conference in state is now probably weakest in state. Unless there are some other really bad teams that make playoffs in the state – nobody from Piedmont Triad 4A will get past 1st round. Except if Aker throws first round for NW – thats there only chance – but Aker will have to shut them out due to lack of offense. East Forsyth record is misleading because their competition hasnt been very good- there really not a very talented team – there weak behind plate and good teams will run at will against them. Too many passed balls. They did lose their starting catcher Feshvoght . SW going to ride 1 arm until it falls off. Glenn just not same team they were back in hay day when Dale Ijames was there and everyone in Forsyth County wanted to play for him. Ragsdale will miss playoffs – another flutter year at the end for the Tigers. This is my expert opinion.

  9. Piedmont Triad 4A by far the best conference (top to bottom). Out of conference records prove it!!

  10. Piedmont Triad 4A – 30-15 against area out of conference
    Metro 4A – 26-24-1 against area out of conference

  11. Varsity softball: NW Guilford 3, SW Guilford 2 WP-G Staunton. Clinches PT4A Conference Championship.

  12. Out of conference record is a joke- Piedmont triad as a whole is worst it’s been in long time. It’s not good baseball- just a bunch of average and below average teams beating each other. Wait until u get the Audrey Kell , providence , mecklenburg schools and Raleigh area schools. Triad is no match for those schools. Take the daddy glasses off and see the real picture! Plain and simple just not good baseball

  13. Bad Coference, you sir are a IDIOT. I sure you have been down Meck County scouting these school correct?

  14. Sometimes you wonder if you should speak or hold fast. Well, so much for holding…

    First, Bad Conference, whoever you are, type in your name. Be a male and, without timidity, tell us who you are. I mean, doesn’t it feel a little shameful to hide behind a screen name?

    Second – and I’m inferring here – get your private school team to schedule all 6 of the PT4A teams next year. If any turn you down, I will personally guarantee you two games against Glenn – if we are not too far below your standard. But schedule us all – and maybe do it in a week your team isn’t playing two teams you beat 16-2 or by 20 in three innings.

    Third, it seemed odd to me how one of your very specific call-outs was concerning how teams can run on East Forsyth, then naming (though misspelling) the catcher who left that school. Just saying… are you scratching a specific itch there?

    Fourth, my fellow head coaches are hard-working, formidable baseball guys. I know I am not an “expert” like you, but I will put the guys I compete against (other head coaches in my league) up against you just picking 9 and putting them on the field – but you would have to sign your name on the line-up card. 😉

    Finally, maybe our conference is down. Maybe it’s not the hay-day (oh, sorry, that was a solely Glenn comment). Maybe we are just slugs beating up on each other. Maybe Charlotte teams could and will buzz-saw us all. And maybe you will give your actual name. Maybe…

  15. That is just idiotic statements about good kids who go out and do their best and for you to bash coaches that know more about the game then you ever will is just comical…..if you have a kid that plays at a local program….he deserves…..because of you daddy… give it up…..cause he’s got no chance… never played at a high level and you’re still mad at the world at that fact….and it sucks for you that your kid has now followed in your footsteps and most likely is awful at the game….and maybe just maybe the 15 year old who takes the ball to win games that you say his arm is gonna fall off….maybe he has bigger cohonas than you’ll ever have….

  16. Great comments by Coach Fowler.

    ‘Bad Conference’…no need to come on and run down players, teams, and conferences, especially in the manner/tone of your comments. This board should be a forum to discuss differences, and point out reasoning for your position. Not to just make blunt statements…especially since no one knows that your opinion is actually an ‘expert’ one.

    Funny how folks that come on this board and make statements like this never show up when those proclamations don’t come to fruition. Where were they two years ago when the entire Charlotte power conference lost in the first round to the Forsyth county teams?

    The PT4A may, in fact, be down this year. But there are still many good players, and the competition is still good among the schools, and enjoyable for the fans and players.

    Lastly, regarding schedules…I challenge you to look at NW Guilford’s schedule this year, last year, and the year before, and make the statement that it is not one of the 5-10 toughest schedules in the state.

    Again, as Coach Fowler implied, would love to know your true credentials.

  17. Bad Conference,

    I agree with other posters, whatever your goal may be, stop calling out kids and coaches. These kids are playing the game we all love to best of their ability and are being led by qualified coaches who are teaching them life skills they will retain long after their baseball careers are over. The truth is there is no way you are able to watch all of these teams you claim to be an expert on, especially if you have a kid playing the game who has 2 to 3 games per week. Take your spew elsewhere, nobody wants to heat it!

  18. Since there are several PT4A coaches on site this morning, can someone tell me the tie breaker rule if Ragsdale and SWG both finish in 3rd place?

  19. Not a coach but I would venture to guess that SWG would win the tie-breaker since they not only split with Ragsdale but have a win against NWG and E Forsyth who both swept Ragsdale. Hopefully Ragsdale has a good enough record for a wild card.

    As to Bad conference and his nonsense – I haven’t watched as many games this year as I would like but I would put the overall talent and teams of the PT4A against any conference in the state. They may not be in the tier of the best in the state but top to bottom they have teams that could beat any team on any given day.

  20. BTW, that was a tough loss for SW and a really good win for NW last night. Was really impressed with how SW batted against Aker. Don’t let 10 K’s fool you, SW did a great job of putting the bat on the ball. NW had just enough offense to win, but they really struggle to score.

  21. When will folks understand that they cannot lift themselves or their son up when they put others down. Quite shameful for adults to behave this way. It’s unbelievable to me how divided & selfish our world has become. Rodney King had one thing right…”Why can’t we all just get along!!”. Still waiting for “the expert” to reveal himself and his resume!! Glad to see some of you guys step up and defend the kids!!

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