Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball Today for 4/29/15

Rockingham County at Eastern Guilford 7pm
Eastern Alamance at Northeast Guilford 7pm
Northern Guilford at Morehead 7pm

Northwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford 6pm


  1. Question for the experts: If Ragsdale and SWG tie for 3rd place, who get automatic bid from conference?

  2. NW Guilford Softball scores in the top of the 7th and holds on for a 3-2 victory against SE Guilford.

  3. I would like to clear the air concerning the post about the Piedmont Triad 4a. I know that post has been removed and righfully so. I am the one that wrote the orginal post. I am in no way shape or form affiliated with any school or club ball team, etc, nor do I have any children that have ever attended school in this area. My children are grown and live in upstate NY. Give you breif history on my self. I retired early in my life and moved to the triad region 25 years ago from upstate New York. I am a huge baseball fan especially high school age baseball. I have coached a long , long time in New York. I umpired in this triad area and charlotte area for about 5 years. Ive seen alot of baseball in this paticualar area over the last 25 years – close to 1000 or more games since i have been here. I follow high school baseball in North carolina very very closely. I am in communication with alot of people in the baseball world and I evaluate talent strictly on my own -and share my evaluations with anyone that is intetrested. . At no point in time did I intend to humiliate anyone or point fingers at any one person or school. I have umpired all over the region doing showcase ball the last several years and have been able to watch some of these guys and on a regular basis. I remeber alot of names. I know what kids are going to what school and where they move to if they transfer . You can learn alot just listening to these kids talk to each other during games in the summer and their parents talking in the stands about what the latest gossip is on players. The biggest problem with forums, emails, and text are that every single person reads it differently and reacts differently. I could tell from the replies that I struck alot of nerves and did not intend doing that. Did not intend it being personal. I was stating my opinion and my opinion only – the expert part was actually suppose to funny – guess that back fired. I have seen every team in the Piedmont region play this year , public and private. I also have watched teams down east, Charlotte and raleigh. Have seen Scotland County and Richmond County play as well. I’ve been to Wilkes County, Boone, Asheville , etc. I put about 10,000 miles on my car every spring following baseball. I have seen alot of kids play this year and making comparsions to years past is all I was doing. I have learned through this unfortunate circumstace that it is easy to read and see things the wrong way. Once again I aplogize to the coaches and players and schools that I mentioned in my writing. I will not make any more comments on this site concerning players and teams. I will still be at games taking notes and listening to what I hear around me. Andy I apologize to you for any misfortune I may have caused to you on this site. I only speak my opinion of what I see and what “I” think- which doesnt mean it is the same as yours or the guy next to you. I hope everyone can come back together and enjoy watching this great game and help develop this area back to its greatness. Sincerely , Charles

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