East-West All-Stars Football Rosters released with 6 local players and two local coaches(Davis/Dudley, Gillespie/Page)

The new format that they sent the West and East rosters in, does not allow for us to print those full rosters, but here are the six local Guilford County guys and the two local coaches that will take their football talents to the field at Jamieson Stadium, in late July…

This Summer you will see Christian Cokely and Darius Graves from Dudley High School, Mac Hild and Chris Moseley from Page High School, Desmond Sturdivantfrom Smith High School and Jamiel Mack, from High Point Centra High School….

Coaches Steven Davis(Dudley HS) and Coach Kevin Gillespie(Page HS) will assist the West coaching staff in this important football contest to played at Grimsley High School…

For most of the players, this will be their last stand in Greensboro on a high school football field, so this will be your last chance to see these young men in a high school football game….


  1. Haven’t seen anything on Jamiel yet….No word on where he is headed and would like to know…Good kid and I want to see him get a good shot at college football..

    From what I have been hearing Justin Johnson has a chance to start for WSSU this upcoming season….

    James Summers is at ECU and was on the field prior to the Spring Game and then had to leave and go sit in the stands for the game..Has to get all grades in order and not yet on the 2015 ECU roster, but is in school..

    Hope Jamiel can get his shot…We are pulling for him and he has been a good kid on this site for the past 2-3 years and we want him to go out and make all of proud and the same for James and Justin too and for Super Will Johnson and Tyler Hunt, and Matt Pawlowski, Jonathan White, Rocco Scarfone, Mook Reynolds, Reggie Gallaspy, Darius Graves, Nathan Stoner and all of the kids we have followed over the years…

  2. Congratulations to Darius Graves and Christian Cokely of Dudley HS, both have bright futures ahead of them, impact players to say the least.

  3. Darius Graves is headed to play at UNC! The tarheels got s great football player! He is a sleeper

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