Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball for today with WES-HPCA, SEG at SA and EF at NWG among the headliners

Big ones on the baseball side of things today include the Southeast Guilford Falcons(15-5) at the Southern Alamance Patriots(13-7) contest, the Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-1) vs. High Point Christian Academy(20-1-1) matchup and the East Forsyth(19-3) at Northwest Guilford(11-6) ball game….Many others, as the regular season winds down over the next couple of days and then the conference tournaments begin next week….From last night:Rockingham County 6, Eastern Guilford 5 and Western Alamance 13, McMichael 6 and now Eastern Guilford and Western Alamance will split the Mid-State 3-A Regular Season Title….Stay tuned for more…

For today on the baseball and softball sides of things and we will be going back and adding in other games and game details…

Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-1) at High Point Christian Academy(20-1-1) at the Oak View Baptist Church in High Point with an early start of 4:30pm….Can take in that game and still have time to get out and see SEG at Southern Alamance or maybe East Forsyth at Northwest Guilford…
Southeast Guilford(15-5/7-0) at Southern Alamance(13-7/5-2) 7pm….Standing Room Only expected for this one down near Graham, N.C…..
East Forsyth(19-3/8-1) at Northwest Guilford(11-6/6-2) 7pm….East has lost 3-2 to West Stokes, 2-1 to Mount Tabor and 3-0 to SWG…
Ragsdale(14-7/4-5) at Glenn(11-11/4-5) 7pm….*****This game has been moved to Friday May 1 at Glenn*****….
Southern Guilford(9-7/6-5) at North Forsyth(4-13/2-9) 7pm….Senior Night at North Forsyth
Central Davidson(8-12/7-4) at Western Guilford(2-16/1-10) 7pm
High Point Central(3-19/0-9) at Southwest Guilford(12-6/4-4) 7pm
Durham Academy(2-14/0-12) at Greensboro Day(7-6/3-5) 4:30pm
Reidsville(9-9/7-2) at Rockingham County(11-7/9-6) 7pm

East Forsyth(10-6/5-4) at Northwest Guilford(14-5/8-1) Varsity at 5pm and JV Game at 7pm
(Senior Night at NWG)
Ragsdale(6-9/2-6) at Glenn(11-8/6-2) 6pm….Senior Night at Glenn
North Forsyth(2-12/0-10) at Southern Guilford(7-8/5-4) Doubleheader beginning at 5pm
Western Guilford(6-9/3-8) at Central Davidson(7-10/6-5) 6pm
Clover Garden(1-3) at Eastern Guilford(1-19/0-16) 6:30pm


  1. I would like to clear the air concerning the post about the Piedmont Triad 4a. I know that post has been removed and righfully so. I am the one that wrote the orginal post. I am in no way shape or form affiliated with any school or club ball team, etc, nor do I have any children that have ever attended school in this area. My children are grown and live in upstate NY. Give you breif history on my self. I retired early in my life and moved to the triad region 25 years ago from upstate New York. I am a huge baseball fan especially high school age baseball. I have coached a long , long time in New York. I umpired in this triad area and charlotte area for about 5 years. Ive seen alot of baseball in this paticualar area over the last 25 years – close to 1000 or more games since i have been here. I follow high school baseball in North carolina very very closely. I am in communication with alot of people in the baseball world and I evaluate talent strictly on my own -and share my evaluations with anyone that is intetrested. . At no point in time did I intend to humiliate anyone or point fingers at any one person or school. I have umpired all over the region doing showcase ball the last several years and have been able to watch some of these guys and on a regular basis. I remeber alot of names. I know what kids are going to what school and where they move to if they transfer . You can learn alot just listening to these kids talk to each other during games in the summer and their parents talking in the stands about what the latest gossip is on players. The biggest problem with forums, emails, and text are that every single person reads it differently and reacts differently. I could tell from the replies that I struck alot of nerves and did not intend doing that. Did not intend it being personal. I was stating my opinion and my opinion only – the expert part was actually suppose to funny – guess that back fired. I have seen every team in the Piedmont region play this year , public and private. I also have watched teams down east, Charlotte and raleigh. Have seen Scotland County and Richmond County play as well. I’ve been to Wilkes County, Boone, Asheville , etc. I put about 10,000 miles on my car every spring following baseball. I have seen alot of kids play this year and making comparsions to years past is all I was doing. I have learned through this unfortunate circumstace that it is easy to read and see things the wrong way. Once again I aplogize to the coaches and players and schools that I mentioned in my writing. I will not make any more comments on this site concerning players and teams. I will still be at games taking notes and listening to what I hear around me. Andy I apologize to you for any misfortune I may have caused to you on this site. I only speak my opinion of what I see and what “I” think- which doesnt mean it is the same as yours or the guy next to you. I hope everyone can come back together and enjoy watching this great game and help develop this area back to its greatness. Sincerely , Charles

  2. Just got word that the NWG vs E Forsyth Softball game times will be flipped with the JV’s in an attempt attempt to beat the rain. Varsity Game Time is now 5PM, Senior Night Festivities Honoring Katherine Langston will be at approximately 6:30PM and the JV Game will start at approximately 7PM.

  3. Had the meeting in baseball and Northern won it over NWG, 5-3…The softball meeting would be interesting….NWG over SEG big last night…

  4. Looks like both of them stumbled once in conference play. They both usually seek out high quality non-conf opponents; but I think the weather had an effect on that this season. NWG had close losses to a quality S Alamance team and a very good South View team out of the Fayetteville area; good wins against Ledford, Topsail, and SE Guilford. NG beat a good SW Guilford team and ran into an always powerful N Davidson team in their non-conference outings. Would have been interesting indeed.

  5. Charles
    1)Apology accepted, at least by me.
    2)With all that knowledge, would you like a very low paying (uh, FREE) assistant coach’s job? Less miles for you to travel…

  6. Any dibs on who wins those big matchups today?

    SEG-Southern Alamance?
    NWG-East Forsyth?

    Haven’t seen or heard that word dibs lately, but you used to hear, “I go dibs on this and dibs on that back in the day”….

    Let’s go SEG, WES and NWG…For NWG is Aker available or did he go Tuesday? Tuesday is starting to look like Thursday and Thursday like Monday these days…

    Who are you taking???

    Aker had that big game against Ragsdale last week right? And was it on Tuesday???

    Here we go and who is going for SEG today? Tommy Michaels today and then Bailey Steed tomorrow vs. Dudley? SEG has Dudley twice tomorrow…Complete suspended game and then the regular game….

    Pitching is the ticket at this stage of the year, unless you can jump the #3 man early and so will say, “who has a #3 man?”…”We’re lucky to have 2″….But that Southeast Guilford rotation with Michaels, Steed and Alley has been a real good one for the Falcons recently….

    Who you taking, Manny or Mayweather???

    *****Went back and looked him up and Aker did throw on Tuesday vs. SWG and got 10 K’s….27 K’s over his last two games and that’s pretty impressive and now who goes for NWG today? Is time for Hunter Malone, that kid has been solid this year too..I have seen him pitching three times and he is (3-0) in those games…. We shall see….*****

    +++++Why pick WES to win today on the road? Got to get the split with HPCA and they know how big that split can be with a 1-1 week, instead of the (0-2) vs. the Cougars….Ought to be another good one over there.+++++

  7. SEG – just a good team with lot of leaders
    WES – probably Moebius pitches today and he’ll shut down HPCA unless a few pop flies make it out of that SMALL park.
    EF – Aker is done for week so no pitching left and no hitting.

  8. Cameron Whitson (Jr) will probably start on the mound for NW. He has not pitched a lot this season, but has been very good his last couple of appearances, including last Fri night at Glenn (6 shutout innings).

  9. Watched a game between 2 very good teams tonight Wesleyan & HPCA. Wesleyan pitcher did a great job pitching to HP middle of order with off speed. Wesleyan put the ball in play and made some things happen. Difference in game was 5 unearned runs on 3 errors by HPCA. Sure we will see rematch in state playoffs in couple weeks. Great game

  10. NW Guilford 4- East Forsyth 3
    W-Cameron Whitson L-Brody Lawson
    Trey Walker 2-3 Run
    Zack Shoemaker Run, RBI
    Cole Aker 1-2 HR 2 RBI
    Zach Braswell 3-3 RBI

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