Grasshoppers Game Delayed at NewBridge Bank Park(Any news on SEG-Dudley HS games?)[Hoppers now set for 7:55pm]

The Greensboro Grasshoppers Game at NewBridge Bank Park set for TONIGHT at 7pm has been delayed…The start time will come ASAP and it is currently 7:07pm and by the look of the rain and the lay of the land and the tarp, we will be at least 30-45 minutes away from the first pitch here tonight….

Any news on the Dudley-Southeast Guilford baseball games???

Stay tuned more on the way later today at….

Hoppers game has been delayed and there still will be fireworks set to hit the skies above Greensboro and the game time is now set for 7:55pm by way of Sean Russell in the press box at NewBridge Bank Park…

7:55 for Hoppers baseball vs. West Virginia tonight…


  1. Seg 4 Dudley 0 Steed with the win. No Artis in the lineup…may be more in the Dudley SEG eligibility saga?

  2. Payback from DHS for FB? Does SE forfeit all games that DJ played in because he should have been going to DHS all along?

  3. I assure you that no one from Dudley told on artis. I promise you that. There is no need for revenge. It’s too late in the game.

  4. Oh reeaalllly? It would make Dudley the conference champs…sound familiar? It is all kind of hearsay now but we shall see how it unfolds.

  5. Not a fan for either team. But you not going to do evil and it’s not going to come back to you.

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