1. Interesting that Ragsdale’s loss to Glenn ended up knocking SWG down to 4th. And possiblly out of the playoffs. Gleen ends up with the 3rd spot and a playoff berth and Ragsdale will probably get the wildcard over SWG with the better overall record.

  2. I’ll admit that I don’t know how the playoff selection works, but it doesn’t seem to me that Ragsdale could make playoffs ahead of SW. For one, it doesn’t seem that a 5th place team would go instead of 4th place team, even if the overall record was better. Secondly, are you sure Ragsdale’s overall record is better?

  3. Well it was better. Might be pretty close now. Big first round game between the two teams.

    I understand what you are saying about a 5th place team getting a playoff spot over a 4th place team but as far as I know (and I may be wrong) once they get into handing out wild cards they look at overall record only, not who finished where in the conference. PT4A gets 3 automatic berths then if there are wild card spots open they go to overall won-loss records. not knowing where other teams are in the state record wise to know if Ragsdale may have a shot at a wildcard.

  4. That’s the playoff rule for football! Unfortunately for Ragsdale, they seed differently for baseball and SWG will go ahead of Ragsdale in wildcard since they are 4th.

  5. both Ragsdale and SWG will get in as long as no team that is currently out of a “guaranteed” birth wins their conference tournament in the west…and you guys are correct no 5 seed can jump a 4 seed to get in. For example Page will get in ahead of Ragsdale b/c they are a 4 seed in a 6 team league despite having a worse record. Unless something crazy happens, Page, SWG, and Ragsdale will get in. All three will be in big trouble though as teams are actually seeded now….so they will play the three best records in 4A in the State in the first round.

  6. Sorry but you are wrong. Wild card does not factor in conference standings at all.

    (3) Since teams that finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd are seeded in separate ‘tiers’ the
    overall record of a number two or even a number three team may be
    better than the record of a number one team. But under no
    circumstances will a team that finished as a #2 or #3 be seeded higher
    than any #1, nor will a #3 team ever be seeded higher than a #2.
    (4) However, since all teams that finish lower than #3 are seeded in the
    same ‘tier’ regardless of conference finish, it will be possible for a team
    that finishes as a #5 to be seeded higher than a #4, or a #6 to be seeded
    higher than a #5, since the only consideration in that ‘tier’ is overall

  7. Playoff….where is this information coming from? Do you a reference source? I know the format is different than last year, but this is very different than how things were done last year.

  8. To Playoff Rules: you are quoting rules for football. You have no clue what you’re talking about. The only thing you stated correctly were 1, 2, and 3 seeds.

  9. Regardless, Ragsdale should be very disappointed. 8 seniors starting, 5 of the 9 going to play college ball somewhere as well as a kid going to play college football. I realize their pitching is weak but that performance is unacceptable.

  10. Disappointing yes but it’s not weak pitching it’s lack of depth. The three main guys are all burnt out now and have nothing left in the tank. Biggest problem lately is ERRORS! Averaging about 4 re game the last three games. Just can’t get out of their own way. Too tight and pressing too hard.

  11. Ragsdale fan….I hate to tell you but you are the one that is incorrect…Playoff rules is exactly right….my reference source….the NCHSAA! All the 1’s are seeded….then all the 2’s….then all the 3’s….and lastly the 4’s and the wild cards….so a wild card can be seeded higher than all the 4’s if that wild card’s overall record is better thus the need to be seeded higher….and btw…the football playoff is completely different all the way around….baseball is exactly like basketball….

  12. I pulled the rules from the NCHSAA website, so if you have a problem then take it up with them. You guys should try Google some time it can be your friend.

  13. Glad I could get the controversy all stirred up. I’m too lazy to look up the rules, even looking at the NCHSAA site which has been known before to have old formats on line when new ones were in place. I understand about seeding 1, 2, 3 and 4. I just know in the past there were some conferences that got three berths, some got four. Once those were all in it went to wild cards.

    Small but sometimes loaded conferences (like the PT4A) could get screwed out of a berth if their 4th place team had an overall record worse than another school that loaded up on a cupcake schedule.

    I thought once they got to wildcard choices it was strictly based on out of conference record, irregardless of conference finish.

    I guess we’ll find out once the conference tourneys are done.

  14. That is the issue I have is when some 4A schools go play a bunch of 1A and 2A teams and have a great overall record but finish outside of the automatic bids they still get a wild card birth. They should only count two games against opponents that are under two classes of your team. Example a 4A team should only get to count two wins versus any opponents from 2A and 1A schools.

  15. I’ve gone to the NCHSAA site, and I still think it’s a bit unclear. As I read it, PT4A, as all conference, has 3 automatic berths, then potentially at large berths based solely on overall W-L record compared to the other at-large candidates within the Western region. What I can not find is a clarification as to how the 3 automatics are determined. In the case of PT4A, there is a tie between Glenn/SW, so how is it determined which gets the 3rd automatic? If overall W-L, then SW is in, and Glenn is not in good shape for an at-large, but Ragsdale might be.

    Also, what is unclear is whether winning a conference tournament has any impact on getting into the state tournament. I do see that it could impact seeding if the tournament champion is other than one of the top 2 regular season finishers.

    So, if Ragsdale or Glenn were to win the tournament, would it automatically put either of them in the state tournament? What if HP Central were to win?

  16. If a team that finished outside of the 2 seed in the regular season wins the conference tournament they will automatically receive the 2 seed and the 2 seed in the regular season then becomes the 3 seed, 3 seed becomes 4 seed and so on.

    If two teams are tied like SWG and Ragsdale they will look at their head to head results in conference play against each other. If they split then they would look to see any head to head results between each other in non-conference play (don’t think they played that type of game).

    After that it looks like there is a draw for the spot according to the site.

  17. The larger issue are the teams such as Alexander Central who is 7-17 and will get in the playoffs due to the fact that they play in a split 3A/4A….that is for lack of a better way to put it….CRAP….might as well put everyone in the playoffs….and while you are at it….give everyone a juice box and a medal/trophy for participation….some programs have figured out (not calling any names) that if you schedule certain well below average programs 3 times you can pack away non league wins…then at the end of the year if you lose any games to rain/weather…the same programs will look to find games to makeup against these same below average programs….it’s disgrace to do that….don’t care what anybody says….64 top teams based on in conference winning percentage…conference tournament winner is just that and should not supplant any team that has won consistently over the course of a regular season….when over a 3 day period they just happen to have had a good draw and not seen a #1 arm on there route to winning the tourney title….just my opinions!

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