Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball Tonight with Finals for 5/4/15

Page 3, Southern Alamance 1
Ragsdale 5 Southwest Guilford 3
Southern Guilford 9, North Forsyth 1
Southwestern Randolph 12, Western Guilford 2

Southern Alamance 15, Page 0
Smith 24, Grimsley 14


  1. Varsity Softball: E Forsyth 11, Ragsdale 1 (6 innings). E Forsyth vs NW Guilford @ 7PM tonight (5/5) at SW Guilford.

  2. Good game played at SWG last night between SWG and Ragsdale. Better game if you are a Ragsdale fan. Clean game, virtually no errors, a couple of base running mistakes. Ragsdale catcher had a good game throwing three guys out, one on a back pick at 2nd. Jose came in for Ragsdale and pitched 4 shutout innings after an arm injury to the Ragsdale starter. Hoping he is ok. Kid has thrown a lot of innings this year. Ragsdale hit very we’ll in the meat of the lineup and in the last 4 innings SWG hit the ball hard as well. Ragsdale had to make some good defensive plays on some hard shots off the SWG bats. SWG made some good defensive plays as well including a diving play on a ball just over. 2nd base. It came down to the Ragsdale hits fell in the gaps and the SWG hits did not. Well played game by both teams.

  3. Why do you keep taking down my posts they are not attacking/ using names/ saying anything bad about anyone or anything. So I am following the rules of the message boards.

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  6. Antispin…

    It’s obvious you are not a Grimsley supporter. That’s ok. It does seem that you have been at GHS or closely around it, as you are repeating (by the day in blogs that have very little to do with grimsley), a motto used by a former coach. You are mocking the school. We know it. You have a lot of time on your hands it seems. You are passively attacking the school and particularly the current athletes. You know you are. Maybe contribute in a knew way.

  7. This same individual does the same thing on NC Preps under “GSO”. He doesn’t get much attention in that site so looks like he’s trying on this site.

  8. Ragsdale catcher Pritchard played fantastic last night.. He was the difference in that game!

  9. Might just be the best time to just move on….And that is what we will do…

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