NCHSAA Meetings produce new rulings on Basketball Regionals, Football Practices and No Drones at your place

Semifinals for the NCHSAA Basketball Regionals will now be played on site at the high schools and then they will have a Super Saturday for the NCHSAA Basketball Regional Finals and football practice changes have been put in place for the Spring workouts and for Fall practices too, plus NO Drones to fly in your gym or over your high school football fields….

CLICK HERE to see all of the changes and the updates coming out of today’s NCHSAA meetings…


  1. NC really needs to put the shot clock into their games. Even if it only a 35 second clock, it would improve the pace for both men and women. I have seen how players from states like California may be benefitting from having shot clocks in high school when they get to the college game. All players adjust but soon than later is better.

  2. from

    Last fall, a club at Green Hope High School in Cary flew its drone over football games. The cyber security club, called The Black Falcons, captured the video and even streamed it live.

    That was until the Federal Aviation Administration stepped in. The FAA sent a letter to Green Hope asking it to ground its drone.

    “The letter advised the school (of the) requirements for operating unmanned aircraft, which are prohibited above large gatherings of people,” the FAA said in a statement.

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