Jalen Seegars(Page HS) and Ty Graves(formerly Page HS) to High Point Christian Academy for 2015/2016

This is the word on Twitter from Rick Lewis at the Phenom Hoop Report…
For more on this from the Greensboro News and Record CLICK HERE….Joe Sirera

Rick Lewis ?@Coach_Rick57 31m31 minutes ago
High Point Christian Academy will be adding the following to their basketball roster next season:
Jalen Seegars
Ty Graves
Michael Hueitt Jr.


  1. Never been a fan of reclassifying, it becomes more and more popular every year.

  2. They would have actually had a better chance competing for a state championship staying at Page. Would of had a nice Big 3 with Overton, Seegars, and Graves. Oh well..

  3. It is hard to support families that make decisions such as this to reclass and basically put themselves before the team and literally take another kids spot…..a dangerous precedent was set when families gained the ability to do this…not good for interscholastic athletics….

  4. Who said anything about them reclassing? All it say is they going to play at HPCA next year.I may be wrong but don’t believe any of them are reclassing.

  5. HPCA should be the favorites unless Wesleyan add some players.Michael Hueitt Jr. one of the best shooters in the state.

  6. I believe the article in the N&R said that Seegars is reclassifying to ’17.

  7. There are former outstanding athletes from around the Piedmont Triad shuttering and convulsing and most likely vomiting at the fact that kids AND THEIR PARENTS are reclassing and gaining an extra year of eligibility….what I would’ve done to be able to play 5 years of high school athletics and still be recruited and sought after by college programs….it’s an absolute joke…if they aren’t ready in the 13 years they get from K-12 then an extra 14th year ain’t gonna get the average ones ready either….

  8. Andy, Michael Hueitt, Jr. goes to Village Christian in Fayetteville. Really dynamic player.

  9. Some of these comments are bordering on absurd! If a player and his family have the means to pay for private school and in the process can provide that kid with an additional year of development who are you to think less of them. They are doing whats in their child’s best interest. That is what parents should always do. More HS players than you know would love to have an additional year to play and develop to increase their chances of getting a scholarship. I applaud them for taking action to help their child acheive his goals.

  10. These kids are not taking away from anyone. This will actually open a few doors for other kids at Page that would not have had an impact otherwise. They are adding to a team trying to compete with Wesleyan and GDS. These 3 schools are stacked year after year and its an arms race to stay at or near the top. I heard that that twins from SW middle are going to Wesleyan next year. Those boys are top notch and will help Wesleyan keep pace. I actually think GDS is now behind HPC and WES going into next year. It will be interesting to see who else GDS can bring in for next year. I keep hearing that 1 or 2 of the NW players may be leaving. There are only so many players available at the level of GDS, WES, and HPC.

  11. The whole reclassifying things is dumb. Most kids only reclassifying because of their grades…if you do what you have to do 9-12 grade you wouldn’t need to reclass.

  12. Lots of interesting comments and out of respect to the families, the kids and the schools involved, this might be a good time to ease off of the gas…

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