Wilds(Principal) and Wade(Athletic Director) leaving High Point Andrews and are headed to Dudley High School and the Andrews faithful(fans and followers) are not too happy about it

*****If you follow the athletic and academic scene in Guilford County in any shape, form or fashion at all, this is a very important read for you right here, right now. New principal and new athletic director on the way to James B. Dudley High School, from T. Wingate Andrews High School…*****

from www.hpenews.com:

T. Wingate Andrews High School Principal Rodney Wilds, who will become principal of Dudley High School in Greensboro next year, may be taking Andrews Athletic Director Artimuss Wade, and possibly an Andrews assistant principal, with him, according to a local school board member.

District 2 school board member Ed Price said several people told him Wade had informed them that he was leaving.

Price said, “I know he’s leaving.”

Very important read, CLICK HERE to read more/read all from the High Point Enterprise….


  1. So let me see if I’ve got this straight: The AD at Dudley is forced to give up those duties because he didn’t monitor the eight-quarter rule for football (and didn’t submit entry forms for his lone female swimmer to compete in regionals), and he is replaced by the AD from the other GCS school that had to forfeit all of its football games because its AD didn’t submit ANY of the eight-quarter paperwork. Classic GCS.

  2. Why move an inept Principal from an inept school, to another school that has inept leadership. Such GCS.

  3. To GCS Lover

    having or showing no skill; clumsy.
    synonyms: incompetent, unskillful, unskilled, inexpert, amateurish;

    Inept? Really? Are you qualified to judge which school/administration is inept and which is privileged? Are you making this judgement based on facts or on rumors? And, if you are qualified to judge which schools do you consider elite? One of the Directional School?

    Please be careful cause your comment sounds very close to being racially motivated since you are talking about moving a principal from an “inept”school, Andrews which is majority African American to another “inept”school, Dudley which is also majority African American. What makes those schools inept? The administration or the student population?

    As a graduate of Dudley, I take offense at the fact that in your opinion my education and/or high school environment is subpar to your “elite”school. Statements like yours keep racial tension fueled, but hey, this is America and you have a right to your opinion.

    And to Tom,

    Yes, Dudley has an academy but it does more that recruit for athletes. Academy athletes have to maintain their grades in order to stay in the academy…people are constantly checking on Dudley athletes to be sure that we are in compliance, with grades and residency.

  4. Dudley’s IB program and Andrews Aviation program??? how many actually are IB caliber students? How many actually go into the field of aviation?

  5. To blind leading the blind, apparently you must be the expert, you seem to know every students’ course load, their grades and even their backgrounds. How about letting the students determine their destiny in the classroom as well as the ball field. I can see that you want to discredit each of these schools academic programs. The last time I checked; a certain gpa must be maintained to stay in these programs as well as meeting the guidelines to even be enrolled. It doesnt matter how many go into the field of aviation or whatever they choose upon graduation. Lets not forget these are young children who often change their minds about their future on a daily basis. College students do it all the time. It appears that you are disgruntled, because your school is struggling on the ball field don’t discredit the students nor the two schools, because they have elite student athletes enrolled in them Let’s be clear when making comments about some else’s child or academic futures. At the end of the day your only gripe is your struggling sports program.

  6. This is not about race, You made it. I am black. I have a stake in this too. I have kids. We need the best leadership. I dont think Dudley is getting it. They always get the short end of the stick when it comes to leadership.

  7. Wow you people are really narrow minded! Do you think that because the schools are majority Black that they are not being well educated? I can’t speak for Andrews but for Dudley the program has the seniors attending college at either A&T OR UNC-G! Yes they qualitify to attend UNCG or is that not elite enough for you. Dudley graduates are among the top GC schools who receive scholarships money not only to HBCU’S but to Carolina, State ECU and many out of state schools.

    To pass judgement because of where a school is located or by the racial makeup of the student population is very lowbrowed. It would be the same as if people thought that every student who attends Directional Schools are stuck up spoiled privileged kids….we both know that, that is not true.

    Blind leading the blind, post your facts; we would love to hear them!

  8. Blind leading the blind….didn’t ask or say that he/she had any facts….I believe they were simply asking about the athletes that choose these programs from outside of Dudley and Andrews districts and what their academic progress was…and if all of you think the kids and their parents choose these programs for academic purposes….you live in a dream world…strong words from supporters of 2 programs in hot water for questionable decision making and leadership….

  9. I know quite a few people that said they wish they went to other schools cause dudley did not prepare them for college. It’s student-athlete for a reason but dudley is all sports.

  10. It’s getting hot outside, but I think it is a good time to chill out on this one….

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