Wilds(Principal) and Wade(Athletic Director) leaving High Point Andrews and are headed to Dudley High School and the Andrews faithful(fans and followers) are not too happy about it

*****If you follow the athletic and academic scene in Guilford County in any shape, form or fashion at all, this is a very important read for you right here, right now. New principal and new athletic director on the way to James B. Dudley High School, from T. Wingate Andrews High School…*****

from www.hpenews.com:

T. Wingate Andrews High School Principal Rodney Wilds, who will become principal of Dudley High School in Greensboro next year, may be taking Andrews Athletic Director Artimuss Wade, and possibly an Andrews assistant principal, with him, according to a local school board member.

District 2 school board member Ed Price said several people told him Wade had informed them that he was leaving.

Price said, “I know he’s leaving.”

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