Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball for tonight(5/8/15)

Bethel Christian(9-5) from Kinston, N.C. at Vandalia Christian(13-1) 5pm

Piedmont Triad 4-A Baseball Tournament
#1 East Forsyth(20-4) vs. #2 Northwest Guilford(14-7) Friday 7pm at Southwest Guilford High School

Piedmont Triad 4-A Softball Tournament
#1 Northwest Guilford(16-5) vs. #3 Southwest Guilford(13-10) Friday 7pm at Southwest Guilford High School

Metro 4-A Softball Tournament Championship at Southern Alamance High School
#1 Southern Alamance(19-4/9-1) vs. #2 Southeast Guilford(13-5/9-1) 7pm

Metro 4-A Baseball Tournament Championship on Saturday at Southeast Guilford High School
#3 Page(12-8) vs. #1 Southeast Guilford(19-5) 2pm
#2 Dudley(15-8-1) vs. #4 Southern Alamance(15-9) For seeding purposes in the NCHSAA Baseball Tournament 10am

NCISAA Baseball Playoffs:
Round Two 2-A’s Today:
from the High Point Enterprise at
#9 Trinity School of Durham (13-5) vs. #1 Westchester Country Day School (19-2), 5 p.m. Note: WCDS earned first-round bye

NCISAA Baseball Playoffs on Saturday:
Round Two 3-A’s
from the High Point Enterprise at
#8 Metrolina (16-7)/No. 9 Rabun Gap (16-5) winner vs. #1 Wesleyan Christian Academy (17-1), 3:30 pm, Ed Price Field. Note: WCA earned first-round bye

#6 SouthLake Christian (17-6) vs. #3 High Point Christian Academy (21-2-1), at Oak View Baptist, 4:30 pm Note: HPCA earned first-round bye


  1. Can someone explain how the wild card in playoffs are determined? Is it by conference or is by overall record and can go to any team in the state with best record that didnt qualify? Ive heard several different schools in the triad say that they were going to get the wild card and just didnt know how they would do that with records slightly over 500. How many wildcards are there? Guess I could look on NCHSAA website

  2. The overall winning percentage and finish in conference standings will be considered when determining which schools qualify for wild-card berths in playoffs.

    I would say they look at overall win percentage and if there is a tie for any teams they look at conference finish to make the decision. I wish there was a way to provide a strength of schedule model to determine who gets the wild card births, but obviously not an easy way to do that.

  3. There is no “the” wildcard anymore as in previous years.
    The NCHSAA is seeding. The so-called “automatic births” are basically all #1 #2 #3 seeds from conferences, which would then allow for somewhere around 8-10 so called “at large” to borrow an NCAA term. Those are termed wild cards, but really too many to be true sense of the word wild card as in NFL or MLB.

    I doubt I cleared much up, but the bottom line is that a true regular season #1 #2 #3 (depending on size of conference) from any conference is “in” will be the ~#1~#24 seeds and others are determined by record and plugged in. And yes a team at say 15-8 overall that finished #4 or #5 in league play will be below a team that was 13-11 overall BUT finished #3 in-league. Any discussion on fairness or conference rating I will bow out from….

  4. Sounds way too confusing. Thanks for the information. Guess we will wait and see when they come out this weekend. Sounds way too complicated.

  5. It sounds more stupid than confusing. If they are taking 1, 2, 3 from 8 conferences then adding 8 more wildcards, but going by conference finish to determine the 8 “wild cards” then why not just take 1-4 in each conference and be done with it. If a 15-8 5th place team can’t get in ahead of a 13-11 4th place team then how could they get in over ANY 4th place team no matter how bad that 4th place team’s record is?

  6. There are 17 conferences in 4A/3A split so the most automatic bids will be 50 (17 at 3 teams per conference minus 1 team from Mountain athletic as there are only 2 4A schools in that conference) That leaves at least 14 “at large” bids and possibly more as the likely hood of the other 4 split conferences getting 3 4A teams is remote. Even more confusing, right?

  7. Sorry, Northwestern conference only has 2 4A schools also so only 49 automatic bids.

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