Word from the Burlington Times-News is Dudley and Southern Alamance will not play baseball today:Game has been “Called Off”

from the Saturday morning edition of the Burlington Times-News on-line at www.thetimesnews.com:
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A tiebreaking baseball game between Southern Alamance and Greensboro Dudley won’t be played today because of a failure to mutually agree on a time for the game, leaving the Southern Alamance Patriots potentially on the outside of the state playoffs.

Southern Alamance and Greensboro Dudley were slated to play a third-place tiebreaker today. The Patriots plan to attend the funeral of Angela Swepson Lloyd, who was the mother of former Southern Alamance football and baseball standout Johnathan Lloyd. Services are set to begin at noon.

Greensboro Dudley preferred to play earlier in the day, Southern Alamance coach Jason Smith said.

“We’re going to the funeral. All of our players want to be there,” Smith said.

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*****This one might be best served to read and not discuss….Would not want to see things get out of hand and we have had way too much drama already in the Metro this season, especially here at the end…Let’s get ready and play some baseball, with Page vs. Southeast Guilford at 2pm.*****


  1. Shame on Dudley for not accommodating for a funeral. Why woulda later game time be that bad?

  2. The events of the last few weeks have not reflected well as far as class on the Dudley organization. How about showing some desire to beat me on the field not on paper. After the football fiasco it seems like that was all we heard from Dudley not all we seem to want to do is pencil whip one in the W column.

  3. If the game is so important, why won’t the conference heads set the game time? I heard the game was scheduled for 10am today. Did Dudley set that time?

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