We now have SIX Guilford County teams left in the Baseball/Softball playoffs:How many left after Tuesday???

[NCHSAA Round Three Playoff games set for Tuesday May 19]

#7 Northwest Guilford)19-5) at #2 Alexander Central(28-0)
#7 Southwestern Randolph(18-5) at #2 Northern Guilford(21-2)

#5 Northwest Guilford(16-8) at #13 North Davidson(21-4)
#13 Northern Guilford(18-9) at #12 Lee County(15-8)
#15 Page(16-9) at #10 Matthews Butler(18-5-1)
#9 Raleigh Leesville Road(16-8) at #1 Southeast Guilford(22-5)

NWG softball is facing the #2 team in the Nation(look for Gracen Stauton to go for NWG), SWR will be tough at NG softball, but NG’s Ashton Lambeth is (12-0)…..NWG has Cole Aker ready and over the past two weeks he has been on a roll…Cole on a roll and Vikings have been able to stay out of the hole…ND very good and Coach Mike Meadows is the State Games assistant coach for Region 5…NG probably looking toward Josh Pike next as they head to Lee County…First road game for NG in the playoffs and the road can be different…Page baseball should have Kevin Westlake up and ready again and this formula of Westlake in the post season has been perfect for Page and Butler comes in as a 10….SEG is a #1 seed and Raleigh Leesville Road has won something like 15 straight games and if SEG goes Steed, that should be what they need to pull of the deed….

Toughest game going in has to be fore NWG softball…Gonna be tough on road for NG baseball and can Page keep the magic coming??? NWG baseball has to like their chances with Aker on the hill and the same for SEG with Steed and the same again for NG softball with Lambeth….

It all comes down to pitching and we look for Staunton, Lambeth, Aker, Pike, Westlake and Steed on Tuesday….

How do we sit after the Tuesday night games??? Does anybody wait and play on Wednesday and stick with the Wednesday/Saturday rotation???

Now with Six, let’s see who sticks…….


  1. I don’t know softball, but with the baseball matchups I will predict Northwest, Southeast and Page to win – mostly based on their pitchers. As for Northern, I am leaning to Lee County because of Coach Spivey’s guys being at home, combined with his experience and the two teams’ common opponent, Western Alamance, being a win for Lee while Northern took two losses.

    No matter what the outcomes Tuesday, these teams have achieved what 100 other schools could not.

  2. NWG softball fans are in for the most miserable trip the will ever experience. First there will be plenty of home cooking. Second, take you a chair so you can sit and watch the game. Plan to sit down the 1st base line past the duggout. AC fans will have the entire backstop taken all the way to the front of your duggout. They get there super early and put out their chairs. Take a pair of ear plugs so you don’t hear all the obnoxious comments. I hope your experience is better than ours, good luck!

  3. Baseball I have…SE, ND, Butler, LC
    Softball… AC, NG

    Good luck to all of the remaining teams!

    I think NW and NG have good chances to win!

  4. @Falcon1 sounds hauntingly like North Davidson (except at ND you have fans in the outfield yelling expletives at the outfielders). Thanks for the good luck wishes – I hope that on Wednesday everyone is writing about the NWG ladies and the upset they pulled off!!

  5. page is way over using westlake… He has thrown Saturday,Wednesday,Saturday and now Tuesday… that is ridiculous

  6. The problem with overusing a pitcher has nothing to do with the high school baseball season…..and it has everything to do with travel baseball and the fact that kids play all year round and never put it down to give themselves a break…..I played back in the mid 90s in the area in high school and also collegiately and had a pretty successful career at both levels….and I never had any issue in pitching in 25 of 40 regular season collegiate games one year….it’s called being a workhorse yes….but it also has everything to do with how competitive a player is….and if I am in a fight I wanna guy like Westlake because he isn’t gonna shy away from the moment….from the opportunity to shove it up somebody’s back side between the lines…..instead of looking at it as a “POSSIBLE” injury….look at it as a kid who sees a once in a lifetime opportunity to put 14-15 other teammates on his back and say I’m gonna be the guy that takes us to the next round or the next step….played against a guy in high school that pitched in every playoff game leading his team to the best of 3 series….and I think he started at least 4 of those playoff games and came in relief the other 2….he went on to have a pretty good college career as well….so before you talk about overuse….think about how more competitive this kid is compared to most other kids…..he’s not thinking injury….he’s thinking again….”I’M GONNA BE THE GUY”….that takes it upon myself to get it done….

  7. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that NWG and Alexander Central softball playoff game….I follow baseball closely in the area and it gets a little touch and go sometimes with dads and coaches and the talk outside the fence….pour a little gasoline on the fire and make it daddy’s little girl and also that if daddy doesn’t do something about what he said about our little girl…mama is gonna go lethal….a recipe for a crap pie….in a perfect world…the game would be played with no spectators….but don’t kid yourself….there will be a “home” environment if I were a betting man…you don’t win at that rate without a little help outside the circle and batter’s box…..

  8. hey it’s the playoffs. if Page needs Westlake on the mound to have a chance at winning, then nothing but respect to the young man for putting the team on his shoulders. he knows his arm and body. evidently he is in a good groove and his team is benefiting from that. as long as he wants to pitch the innings and is not being forced into it, I don’t see a problem, especially state playoff time. evidently this kid has worked hard and is the real deal. you can’t compare those types to typical high school pitchers.

  9. Leesville Road team will be a tough out for SE tonight. They have three kids signed at NC State including the Papp kid who will pitch tonight.

  10. Coming in Leesville Road has won 15 games in a-row….They lost to North Davidson 4-1 back early in the season….

    There was a local pitcher years ago named Guy Patterson and he would throw twice in the same day if he could talk the coach into it….He wanted the ball and loved to throw and he got people out…They said the guy/Guy had a rubber arm….

    Steed from Southeast Guilford threw twice in the same day/night vs. Dudley a while back and if Westlake got run support when he threw vs. SEG for the Metro 4-A Title, there is a pretty good chance that Page is in that game with the Falcons and possibly going extra innings….The key about Westlake is that he keeps you in the game and gives you a chance to win….

    It will all come down to the coaches knowing their pitchers and they know them far better than we do and I know they know the pitch count and the total # of innings thrown, but they know their kids too and how far and how long they can go….

    It is a good time to still have 4 baseball teams and 2 softball teams left in the hunt…..

    Gives us something to talk about as we get deeper into the month of May….

  11. Looks like the old coach was right… Westlake was so over used over the past week that he had nothing in the tank tonight. As a coach I want a kid that wants to pour his heart and ability out for the team… But I have a responsibility to protect him against injury… It’s seems to me that page was more concerned with winning a state title over protecting a kids arm….

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