1. Congrats to Young,that’s another Lewis ctr product along with CJ Freeman,the list goes on,knew the kid was special when I first seen him he runs with grace and power,and if UNC hasn’t offered they ought to because this kid is the REAL DEAL!!!GOOD LUCK ON SR SEASON

  2. Andy I seen the article on Lewis ctr that program is top class just think the years I was around they had guys like TY GRAVES,CJ FREEMAN,JALEN GAVIN,CONNELL YOUNG,JAKE SIMPSON,EDWARDS SON CARMINE PAGANO ,ETC that’s a special place for kids to become teammates before stardom,just my thoughts good job guys,GO LEWIS

  3. Hats off to Northeast Rams Youth Association (NEYA) Football programs. This community sports program, also made their mark into molding several young men throughout the years. Many who are playing at the next level. Kenan Allen, Maurice and Cameron Harris, Mook Reynolds, Darius Graves just to name a few. Volunteer coaches and parents did a fine job with these young men.

  4. A&T probably not they offer to guys who are just looking to finish school from wherever, they hardly ever offer kids from Greensboro who knows the tradition over at A& T and would bring a following with them,example you get the kid Jameil Mack from HP CENTRAL you’re guaranteed to have HP NC at all home games and they understand the tradition not just coming in town for homecoming, just my thoughts

  5. Funny how Lewis Center has talent that goes to High Schools all over the area. The city league is suppose to be based on where you live just like HS. Lewis goes out and gets kids and nobody says anything about it. Almost seems just like Northern, and Dudley.

  6. Was there a team in the area that Mook, Keenan Allen, and the Harris kids didn’t play at?

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