Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton agree to 5-year deal worth a whopping $103.8 million:Is Cam worth that much cash?

$103.8 million over 5 years…..Is Cam worth that much cash?

Give us a simple YES or NO on this one…..We would like to know what you think and if you have other comments, feel free to add them in to…

YES or NO, Is Cam Newton worth $103.8 million over 5 years?????


  1. The correct answer of course is – no.

    No player is worth that kind of money. That being said that is pretty much the going rate for very good quarterbacks and unless the Panthers plan on winning with some scrub veteran they get on the cheap they pretty much had to pay him.

    Can you imagine the uproar if they let him walk to some other team?

  2. If they let him go somewhere else and he had success, it would be mud in the face…

    The story would then become, “What if we still had Cam Newton?”….

    Part of the business side says they are paying him the going rate for starting quarterbacks with his experience and you also have to look at it and say, “If we let Cam go, who else is available and do we really want to start all over again with the draft?”…..

    The hot topic around the state and even to some degree around the “Sports Nation” today….

  3. Yes, this is the man that can lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl victory.

  4. Many experts feel that Cam is among the Top Five QB’s in the league right now…

    Tom Brady
    Peyton Manning
    Andrew Luck
    Russell Wilson
    Cam Newton….

    T have heard that Frank Gifford said this on a radio show and Mark Packer, Taylor Zarsour and Billy Corgan all said the same thing too…

  5. NO, Cam is only winning games beacause of a terrible conference and an amazinf defense. If he was a better game manager (no turn overs and sacks allowed from holding ball too long) they woukd be much better. Not to mention they draft Benjamin who is 6ft4 hoping Cam would stop with the high throw, HE STILL OVERTHROWS HIM!!! Im glad he will be with the panthers so long, makes it easier to not worry about them even winning more than 9 games.

  6. Pay the man! They totally gutted his receiving corp and he still managed to lead the Panthers to a Division title. Say what you want about the Division being down fact is we still won 2 in 4 years with him at QB and he has 1 playoff win. If Carolina can run the ball more like they did at the end of the year and with that Defense he can lead them to a Super Bowl. GO PANTHERS!

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