Bailey Kargo(Page High School) headed to Delaware for the 2016-2017 season(Now a Pirate, soon to be a Blue Hen)[Q and A, with BK]

Bailey Kargo has committed early to play basketball for The University of Delaware. She has been offered a full athletic scholarship and will join their team for the 2016-2017 season.
(Bailey Kargo, now a Pirate, soon to be a Delaware Blue Hen.)

*****Congratulations to Bailey, one of the best three-point shooters in our area and a very hard-working player on defense…Love her game and they are going to love having her at Delaware….*****

Info from Bailey per our Saturday phone conversation….

Why Delaware?
Coaching staff, College town feel and the football program…Good football team
*****Looking at Pre-Med studies and something in the medical field in her future…Maybe even optometry…

Who else was on your list??
Elon, Dartmouth, Wofford, Penn….Watched Samantha(Sam) Coffer play a lot of games at Elon and really has a lot of respect for Sam and her game…

What position will you play in college???
Combo guard, some shooting guard and point guard…Will see time at Page this upcoming season, but more time at two-guard for Coach Debbie Jones…

Summer Training Program????
Summer League games at Page until the end of June with NWG, SEG, WS Prep and many other teams..Had two games last week and more coming up this week…AAU travel play begins on July 1 with trips to Atlanta, Chicago, Winston-Salem and many other stops along the way…Plays for the WS Stealers with Coach Trish Grant…..

Biggest Influence on her basketball life?????
Bailey’s dad Ray Kargo

Where did BK get that defensive grit??????
From her dad Ray’s teaching and from Coach Trish Grant with the WS Stealers…Coach Grant, a very defensive-minded coach….Bailey Kargo loves playing defense and it shows…

Didn’t you try out for the USA Under 18 team a few years back???????
Says she did and it was a great experience….Did not make the team, but spent 4-5 days in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the U.S. Olympic training center back when BK was 15 during the tryouts, back coming out of her freshman year from high school, at Page…

On the year she had to sit out with the knee injury, her sophomore year at Page????????
Tough year, watching and learning all you can in a non-playing role…She kept the scorebook and had to bite her lip a few times, I’m sure, as she had to watch her team move on without her….

Away from Page, where do you workout and train at?????????
At the Spears YMCA with her dad in the lead role….The push by her dad has been hard, but it has been worth it..Lots of hard work, but in the end to earn the scholarship, that is really worth it all….

Off the subject just a bit, how did the Emily Casper Clinic for the Gaters girls go last week, at the Spears YMCA??????????
It came off very well…I was surprised at how well it went really…Very well organized with lots of kids to work with….

*****Andy’s note, I’m thinking Trumae Lucas(Grimsley High School) finished off her career at Delaware, after starting off as a guard with the Florida Gators….*****


  1. Elon has missed or not recruited a lot of good local players. It will show up next year or by 2016 with this past graduating class. Bailey is a better 3 pt shooter than anyone left on the Elon roster for year.

  2. The Lady Phoenix had a spectacular season, third place in a new conference(CAA)post season appearance (NIT). Big things ahead for this program, an additional 3 point shooter wouldn’t hurt, but it won’t make or break this team. More to it on this level than standing still heaving up three’s.

  3. Where was she going to play for Elon? Who would she have started in place of? No one on this team.

  4. The good part is that Delaware will play Elon several times per year. This player does not have to start in front of anyone to be an effective part of the team. I thought “SA” left this site a long time with the run away ego. I agree that Elon has missed or not recruit a lot of local talent that will come back to hurt them over the next year or two. Let’s revisit this in March 2017.

  5. I believe the “BK shoots better than any one left on the roster” may have brought SA out. Of course I don’t agree with that statement, and I think it wasn’t thought through fully on your part. Again, you asked for it!

  6. If Guilford was in the mix, I am sure they would have offered…

    Guilford or any other school that size and at the DIII level would be very happy to have a player like Bailey Kargo…DIII, or DII, but she ended up at DI and she will see Shayla/Shay and Elon in the CAA and best of the best to both of them….

  7. Having a daughter in the area and having her play AAU, AND knowing personnel at Elon, the knee injury BK had really swayed them. Other concerns from Elon (rumors possibly?) is size, college is very physical they were scared about her frame being able to take the punishment.

    agree tho D3 and D2 not able to get an athlete of BK caliber

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