Kiera McIvor(Dudley High School/Radford University) nominated for 2015 NCAA Woman of the Year Award

Congratulations to Kiera McIvor, from Greensboro’s Dudley High School, on being nominated for the 2015 NCAA Woman of the Year Award….

Kiera McIvor(Radford University)-Basketball

There is some stiff competition, but it is good to be in the hunt….

NCAA member colleges and universities have nominated 480 female student-athletes – the most ever in the history of the program – for the 2015 NCAA Woman of the Year award. Of the nominees, 82 are basketball players. Nominees come from all three divisions.

The 25th annual award honors graduating female college athletes who have exhausted their eligibility and distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in academics, athletics, service and leadership.

The top nine finalists will be announced in September. The winner and the top honorees will be celebrated at the annual award ceremony Oct. 18 in Indianapolis.

3 thoughts on “Kiera McIvor(Dudley High School/Radford University) nominated for 2015 NCAA Woman of the Year Award

  1. These are the type of kids/players that need to have a way to come back to our communities and share their stories. Young players need to hear more about how these players achieved these goals. We normally only hear about the high scorer or the one that won the championship game. I don’t know this young lady but the reality is that these are the type of people that will run companies and the world in the future. Thanks for sharing this information whoever submitted it.

  2. Somebody has to do the things that may not show up in stat book. She has always been a team player and a great leader. You are so right in that these are the stories that need sharing. You may not be “the” best, but there is no excuse not to be “your” best. She was also Vice Chair of the Big South Athletic Conference, 2 year All Academic Team, 2 year Captain, 2 year starter. Kudos to Greensboro Sports for posting

  3. These types of press releases are sent to the player’s local newspaper. It is up to news paper to report. If you know of any local player making a positive impact, please send the article or release to Andy and his team is great in taking care of sports news in this community. I also encourage any student athlete to have your athletic press release person add this site to the list of any press releases concerning you.

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