High School Football 7 on 7 News for this week and looking ahead to next week

We have heard from High Point Andrews, Northeast Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Western Guilford, Ragsdale, Page, Southwest Guilford and now Smith this week for 7 on 7 high school football passing games…

Smith vs. Glenn on Thursday with the teams scoring 3 touchdowns each, we had SWG at Page on the agenda for Thursday, but no report on that as of yet and Northwest Guilford and Mount Tabor got together on Thursday and that one got hot and they had to shut it down at the end….

Western and Ragsdale back on Tuesday, WS Reynolds and Western Guilford on Wednesday, Northeast and Andrews were both involved in 7 on 7 action on Wednesday and NEG was at it on Thursday at West Forsyth and we have both Ragsdale and Northeast Guilford reporting that they will be involved in 7 on 7 action again next week, as Ragsdale goes to Lee County and it may be NEG traveling to Graham…Ragsdale also had a Ragsdale vs. Ragsdale 7 on 7 scrimmage on Wednesday….

If you have more news or know of more 7 on 7 reports, send them into us here and we will try and get everybody in the mix…

If we are getting reports and updates, we will keep on the refreshing the news all day and into the night…..


  1. They say HPCA football is going to be good this season again. Some new faces out there for the Cougars. They played a couple 7v7 and have put up some points and not allowed many. Could be a good year for them.

  2. Next week, NW is hosting Asheboro Tuesday from 10 to 12 and is playing in the Catawba 7v7 camp on Friday

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