Player Bios for upcoming East-West All-Stars Games with football’s Cokely(Dudley), Hild(Page), Mack(HP Central) and Moseley(Page)

Christian Cokely
Christian…Dudley High…6-1, 175…defensive back…coached by Steven Davis…as senior, named All-Conference…team went 25-0 in two years…as junior, played on state championship team…also named All-Conference in baseball…member of A/B Honor Roll…signed an athletic grant-in-aid with Fayetteville State University where he will major in sports medicine…his Dad is his role model…favorite college athlete is Emmanuel Moseley…favorite pro athlete is Joe Haden…says “It’s a tremendous honor for me to be selected to play in the all-star game; it should be very fun.”

Mac Hild
Mac…Page High…6-2, 220…linebacker…coached by Kevin Gillispie…as senior, named All-Conference, ESPN Top 100 ILB, ESPN Top 100 NC Recruits…NFL Corrigan/Faircloth Chapter Scholarship recipient…as junior, named All-Conference…member of Athletes in Action…signed an athletic grant-in-aid with Lenoir-Rhyne University where he will major in business…favorite pro athlete is Luke Kuechly…says “I am very excited to have the opportunity to play in this game. I hope to gain more experience on the field to use at Lenoir-Rhyne.”

Jamiel Mack
Jamiel…High Point Central High…5-11, 180…quarterback…coached by Wayne Jones…as junior, named All-Conference, team MVP…passed for 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns and rushed for 1,700 yards and 24 touchdowns…as junior, named All-Conference…passed for 2,900 yards and 33 touchdowns and rushed for 1,300 yards and 14 touchdowns…as sophomore, had 4 rushing touchdowns and 3 receiving touchdowns…also named All-Conference in track in the 110m hurdles his junior year…member of MOVE, Men of Valor Excellence…wants to pursue a career as a dentist…his father is his role model because “he taught me everything and showed me that if I stay humble and trust God doors will open for me.”…favorite pro athletes are Tony Romo and Germain Pratt…says “It’s a blessing and honor to be a part of something so prestigious, and I hope I meet lots of new people and learn new things from the great coaches we have on staff. I am expecting to come out and give the West everything I possibly can to beat the East.”

Chris Moseley
Chris…Page High…5-11, 175…defensive back…coached by Kevin Gillespie…as senior, named All-Conference…Blue-Gray All-America Game participant…over 50 tackles, 2 interceptions…as junior, named All-Conference, Guilford County Defensive Player of the Year…also played lacrosse…member of National Honor Society…signed an athletic grant-in-aid with Mars Hill University where he will major in recreation/sports management…wants to play pro football…his grandmother is his role model…favorite college athlete is Vernon Hargraves…favorite pro athletes are Joe Haden and Patrick Peterson…says “I feel amazing about being given the opportunity to play in the all-star game. I am expecting to gain a better knowledge of the game from coaches who are participating.”

6 thoughts on “Player Bios for upcoming East-West All-Stars Games with football’s Cokely(Dudley), Hild(Page), Mack(HP Central) and Moseley(Page)

  1. Someone should check Jamiel’s bio. His beginning stats are for his senior year, not junior.

  2. Better let them know over at the All-Star Games coaches office on that one….

    I was wondering about that a little there too, because looked like his junior stats were better than his senior stats and his junior stats blew people away, but if I remember correctly, his senior stats were even better…

  3. Here’s what we had our Stat Tracker for Jamiel Mack during his senior season of 2014:

    Combo-Man Mack:
    *****4,033 Total Yards:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 2,430 yards passing and 1,603 yards rushing for 4,033 yards overall and 23 passing TD’s and 24 rushing TD’s for 47 Total TD’s..186.9 passing yards per game/61.6% and 123.3 rushing yards per game/8.1 yards per carry for Mack/198 carries….Mack 175-284 passing/6 INT’s(13 Games)*****Season Complete*****

  4. Hope they can get those numbers squared away….

    *****There’s no doubt, that young man is quite an athlete.*****

  5. With Jamiel not that I can tell…I was wondering the same thing and from what I am reading, must be waiting on best available late offer…

    Wish him well, but he has not signed from I read above and if N.C. A&T needs a reference, I can vouch for Mack and I always vouched for James Summers(Page)…

    I called East Carolina about James this week and left a message with their Director of Football Operations inquiring about James Summers and the recorded message told me if I was a parent or a coach, the NCAA would not allow them to call me back…

    I told them that I was not a parent or a coach, and told them who I was and they still did not call me back…

    James Summers is at ECU and was in Summer School, but he is still not on the 2015 East Carolina Football Roster and can not play at ECU until he is on that roster….

    Just a few notes to let you know we don’t forget about these kids….

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