High School Football Today with practice set to begin on Saturday and Top Five Teams going into the new season

We have been covering the high school football scene for about two months now, as we head into the new season and we do have one set of 7 on 7 action going on for today:Northeast Guilford at Graham in 7 on 7 at 5pm and there may some more we don’t know of and if that is the case, send it our way…

The new season kicks off on Saturday with the first official practices of the 2015 season and we do know that Dudley, Page and Ragsdale have Midnight Madness Practices set and Northeast Guilford is going at 9am and we will have the other Saturday practice times for you, as they become available…Northwest Guilford will begin their practice at 9am and go until 12 NOON on Saturday and the Vikings are in mini-camp sessions this week prior to Saturday, going from 6-8pm……Add in Southern Guilford to the teams doing the Midnight Madness….Mini-camp for SG this week, going 9-11am and will finish that up on Thursday….Rayshawn Knight vying for the SG QB spot…

Western Guilford is in the process of hiring a new football coach and Western has only had four head football coaches that I know of since I have been alive and that goes back 57 years and those would be:
Joe Robinson
Doug Henderson
Charlie Griffin and
Chris Causey….Pretty good run of tenure for those coaches…..I have been playing, following this sport for many years and I was thinking back to the coaches that were at the different Guilford County Schools when I first started broadcasting these games on radio around 20 years ago and they were to my recollection:

Jeff Smouse-Grimsley
Bill King-Page
Tony McKee-Smith
Michael Ferguson-Dudley
Tommy Norwood-Ragsdale
Tommy Pursley-Northeast Guilford
Greg King-Northwest Guilford
Dick Kemp-Southwest Guilford
Gary Whitman-High Point Central
Charlie Griffin-Western Guilford
Mickey Atkinson-Southern Guilford
Ken Helms-Southeast Guilford
Tommy Grayson-Eastern Guilford
David Mizzel-High Point Andrews
+++++May be wrong about one or two, but I’ve got most all of them on the money….+++++

Top Five Teams for Guilford County for 2015 and how do you stack them up?????(We will look at the “Second Five” on Thursday.)

2)Northern Guilford
4)Northwest Guilford
5)Southeast Guilford